> > [Fixed] WIFI or Ethernet Does Not Have a Valid IP Configuration

[Fixed] WIFI or Ethernet Does Not Have a Valid IP Configuration

wifi does not have a valid ip configuration

When your Ethernet or WiFi cannot working, and you use the troubleshooting to solve this problem, but it cannot fix it and shows the problem as:

Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration
WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration

If this happened, you maybe cannot access the Internet, or your devices cannot connect the Internet via the wireless router.

Here are 4 ways you can do to solve this problem.

Way 1: Reset TCP/IP Settings

1. Right click Win icon and choose Command Prompt (Admin) to open command prompt. Do not choose the Command Prompt.

admin command prompt

2. Type the following commands:
netsh winsock reset

This command can help to reset the winsock catalog.

netsh int ip reset

This command can help to reset the global, interface, unicast address, neighbor, path and route.

netsh command
After that, reboot the computer to complete this action.

Way 2: Update Ethernet Driver or Wireless Driver

1. Open device manager.

2. Expand Network Adapters and find Realtek PCIe GBE Family controller.

3. Right-click it and choose Uninstall to uninstall the Ethernet network driver. Do not worry about if you uninstalled the Ethernet driver, it will be no network connect.

uninstall ethernet driver

4. Click Scan for hardware changes from the toolbar. The windows will automatically help scan your hardware devices again and reinstall the Ethernet driver for you.

Of course, if it is the wireless doesn’t have a valid IP configuration, you can also use this way to reinstall and update driver.

If this cannot help to update the network drivers, you can use Driver Doctor to help you.

download driver doctor

After you download it, install and run on your computer, then it will scan your devices including the Ethernet and wireless adapter and help to find the latest version driver.

Way 3: Renew IP Address

1. Follow the way 1 to open the command prompt (admin).

2. Type these commands:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig release
ipconfig /renew

ipconfig renew

After that, restart the computer to see if this problem is resolved or not.

Way 4: Change Ethernet/Wireless Adapter Networking Settings

1. In the desktop, right-click Network > Properties to open the network sharing center.

network properties

2. Choose the left link: Change adapter settings to open network settings.

change adapter settings

3. In network connections, choose the Ethernet. Remember, if there are several Ethernet network, try to find the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.

choose the ethernet network

Of course, if it is the WIFI problem, try to find the wireless network.

4. Right-click Ethernet and choose Properties to open Ethernet properties window.

ethernet properties

5. Double click Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) or choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Properties to open the IPv4 properties window.

internet protocol version 4

6. Try to choose the two option:
Obtain an IP address automatically
Obtain DNS server address automatically
obtain ip address and dns address

After that, click OK button.

That’s all the ways you can do to fix the WiFi or Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration error.

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