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[Solved] Webcam is Not Working After Upgrade to Windows 10

The webcam cannot work is a normal problem. For a laptop, the webcam is generally built in it. So you do not need to plug in an external usb camera to have video chat with others. It is convenient and easy. But sometimes, after you install some other software or upgrade your system to Windows 10, the webcam is not working. For example, when you open the skype video function, you can see nothing from the webcam. So solve the webcam not working problem is necessary.

Because the notebook webcam is built in the screen, and when you use the Windows 7 system, the webcam is ok, so after upgrade the system to Windows 10, we can make sure the hardware is not damaged, so we can do the next two things.

One is your webcam is disabled and another one is the driver error. Almost, this problem is caused by integrated webcam driver. Maybe it is the webcam driver error, or incompatible with new system Windows 10.

How to Download and Update Webcam Driver for Windows 10?

Step 1: Enter device manager.
You can enter the device manager in 4 ways.

Step 2: Find Webcam hardware in Imaging devices list.

imaging devices

Here you can find the Integrated Webcam.

Step 3: Update Webcam Drivers.

update integrated webcam driver
Right click the integrated webcam and choose "Update Driver Software" to update the driver. This function will help you automatically update the webcam driver for your laptop.

Tips: From the right menu, we need to make sure the integrated webcam is enabled. From this picture, we know it is enabled. And if you do not want to use the webcam, choose to click "Disable".

disable integrated webcam

Step 4: If the Windows automatically updating can not help you to solve this problem, try to use Driver Doctor. And you can click here to view how to use Driver Doctor update webcam drivers.

Driver Doctor can help you directly find, download and update your webcam driver. We know, for some notebook, maybe you cannot find the webcam driver, so using Driver Doctor will be the best choice. It will automatch the right and suitable driver for the hardware.

After you installed the webcam driver, you can use the skype video to try again. So try to follow these 4 steps, you can solve the integrated webcam error completely.

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