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[Solved] Wacom Tablet Driver Not Found Windows 10, 8, 7


When you running the Wacom Tablet Properties, it pops an error window "The Tablet Driver Was Not Found", you cannot use the Wacom pen displays and pen tablets. There is another warning for your wacom is a supported tablet was not found on the system Windows 10/7. And sometimes, after you upgrade your system from Windows 7, 8 to Windows 10, the Wacom tablet cannot detected or regocginzed by Windows 10 again.

wacom tablet driver not found

If you had the tablet driver not found error or the Wacom tablet not running error, it may be caused by the disabled Wacom professional service, tablet driver not working issue, properties program not working properly, etc. And you can follow the next 3 solutions to fix it for your Intuos, Cintiq Pro 13, Cintiq 13HD devices, etc.

Solution 1: Open the Wacom Professional Service

All of these errors such as tablet driver not found, tablet not detected or tablet not regocgnized can caused by the Wacom professional service. This is maybe your Wacom professional service is closed, so try to startup this service, it will solve your problem.

1. Type service in search box, and click the best matches item Service desktop application.


2. Find Wacom Professional Service.

wacom professional service

3. Right-click it to choose Start button or double click it to enter the Wacom Professional Service Properties window and choose Start button to run this service.

And this time you run the Wacom Tablet Properties, you will find it works properly. This beacuse after you restarted the service, Windows 10 can detect the Wacom Intuos, Cintiq devices again.

Also, if you find this cannot fully solve the Wacom recognize problem, try to follow the next steps.

4. Create a new blank .txt document file.

5. Type these codes:
@echo off
NET STOP WTabletServicePro
timeout /t 5 / nobreak > NUL
NET START WTabletServicePro
timeout /t 2 / nobreak > NUL

And then close this txt document.

6. Rename this file as wam_restart.bat
Remember it is a bat file now, not a txt file. The .bat file icon likes a gear. If you find the document type is not changed, this because your computer hide the file name extensions. Try to show the file name extensions before you rename the file.

You can do this following the next image:
show file name extension

Click View, and selected File name extension.

7. Double-click to run it.
Make sure you are the administrator. Wait for a few second. And after the commands completed, it will closed automatically.

I think above two parts can help you to solve the Wacom Tablet Driver Not found problem easily.

Solution 2: Uninstall and Reinstall Wacom Tablet Driver

If the Wacom tablet driver not found error occurs, a result is device manager cannot recognize the wacom tablet device. So updating Wacom Windows 10 tablet driver is necessary.

Before you uninstall and reinstall the Wacom tablet driver, you need to do two things to improve the success rate of the tablet not running problem: disable Windows Firewall and uninstall Wacom program.

Disable Windows Firewall

Open control panel and find the Windows Firewall, click the link to open it.

At the left side, select Turn Windows Firewall on or off.

In the customize settings, disable the Windows Firewall.

disable windows firewall

Uninstall Wacom Program

Open Programs and Features from the control panel, and choose Wacom program to Uninstall it.

So this time, the Wacom tablet is not running on Windows 10 issue can be solve by uninstalling and updating the driver now.

Uninstall and Update Wacom Tablet Drivers for Windows 10

Open device manager and find the Wacom tablet devices or other Wacom devices such as Intuos 4, right-click it to select the Uninstall from the context menu to uninstall the tablet driver at first. You can view the tutorial of how to uninstall a driver if you do not know how to do it.

uninstall wacom tablet driver

And from the context menu, you can also see the Wacom tablet properties.

After you uninstalled the Wacom tablet driver, you need to go to the Wacom drivers download center, download Wacom tablet driver. Here you can select the latest version or previous version drivers for your pen tablet and pen displays. After that, install it step by step manually.

If you lack professional skills of downloading and updating drivers, you can use Driver Doctor to help you. With the Driver Doctor, you can find all the drivers easily, download and update it automatically.

So download and update Wacom tablet driver will fix tablet not detected or recognized error easily and fast.

Solution 3: Connect Wacom Tablet With an USB HUB

If you find the Wacom Tablet cannot recognized by Windows 10 and shows as unknown device or a mouse in device manager, maybe you can try to use an USB HUB to help you. The USB hub also can solve the USB devices not recognized problem.

Windows recognize devices via the device id, but for some devices especially external USB devices, if the config firmware is underpowered, it does not properly notify Windows 10 of the device id.

usb hub

So using a properly USB HUB will help Windows 10 identify your Wacom Tablet. You can connect your Wacom Tablet to the USB HUB USB port, and then connect the USB HUB to the Computer. This will help Windows 10 to find the it.

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So you can choose one solution from above to solve the tablet properties drivers not found on windows 10 error. Of course, maybe Windows troubleshooting functions and changes another computer to try can also help, you can try it if you think necessary.

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