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FIX USB Composite Device Driver Error in Windows 10, 8, 7


usb composite device error windows 10

After you connecting the USB mouse, card reader, Brother printer or scanner to the computer, it was not recognized by the system. When you open device manager to check the device, you cannot find it, there is only an USB composite device error. It means your USB composite device driver is missing or the USB composite device driver automatic installation failed. So the device cannot work on Windows 10, 8, 7.

What is USB Composite Device?

We know USB Composite Device is a tool which integrated multiple functions. For example, there are some devices have the combined function as that of a mouse and keyboard. In order to achieve composite function, the USB composite device needs its own drivers and an USB 2.0 port or sometimes the USB 3.0 port.

For the port, it only impacts the speed of a device. So for the USB composite device error, most of the problem is driver error. In this case, try to update USB composite device drivers to fix it.

And there is another error about USB composite device is when you connect the printer to computer, it reminds you that "USB composite device is an older device and not working with USB 3.0, please plug the device into an available USB 2.0 port".

The next solutions will help to solve these two problems.

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Solution 1: Update USB Composite Device Drivers for Windows 7, 8, 10

Updating USB composite device driver is very easy. This can help to fix the driver installed failed problem and make it working properly again.

1. In device manager, expand Universal Serial Bus controllers, find USB Composite Device.

2. Right click USB Composite Device > Update Driver Software to update the drivers.
For this way, you are using the manually way to update drivers.

Also, you can try to use the professional drivers updater tool Driver Doctor to help you update the USB driver automatically.

After you install and run this tool on your desktop/laptop, try to click the scan now function. It will help you scan all the drivers you need to update, absolutely including the USB composite device drivers, and it will recommend you the new driver.

download driver doctor

Driver Doctor as a driver scanner, finder, downloader and updater tool, it can help you find all the new drivers in several seconds, in case you cannot find drivers and save your time. And what you need to do is to click some next buttons.

If you find the device cannot run after the USB composite device driver installed correctly, trying to plug your device to the USB 2.0 port at first (the USB 2.0), and then follow above to identify if it needs to update USB composite drivers and printer drivers.

After uninstalling and reinstalling the USB composite device driver, you can return to the device manager, the yellow exclamation disappeared. And your USB composite device can be recognized by Windows 10.

Solution 2: Use Troubleshooting to Fix USB Composite Device Error

Troubleshooting is an automatic computer problem fix tool. It can mainly fix 4 series problems: programs, hardware and sound, network and internet, system and security. The USB composite device error belongs to the hardware and sound series.

Type hardware and devices in search box, you will directly enter the troubleshooting hardware fix process.

hardware and devices

Of course, you can enter it step by step: troubleshooting > view all > hardware and devices.

In hardware and devices tool, it will detect the really USB composite device and fix the error. What you need to do is clicking Next step by step.


After that, enter the device manager to see if the USB composite device error is missing or not. For some devices, you need to restart the computer.

I think these two ways will be the most effective solution to fix the USB composite device driver error.

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