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[Solved] USB Audio Device is Not Working in Windows 10

As we upgraded to Windows 10, the USB audio device is not working. This case is often happened in our life. Such as USB speaker/ microphone / external high definition audio is no sound when it plug in the computer. It might be caused by the audio device driver faulty or out of date and so on. Therefore, the driver need to be updated.

headset no sound

Today we tell you how to solve this problem. We take USB headset for your reference.

Before you solve this troublesome, please make sure below tips:

Make sure the USB headset is no problem and the volume is opened.

headset volume is opened

You can change a computer without Windows 10 to test your USB headset.

If the both are ok, please go ahead below steps.

Step 1: Click on Sound Icon under the right corner in the screen. The operating system is detecting your driver status and scanning the hardware changes for your driver problem.

headset no sound icon

Step 2: Please select Apply this fix. Then, restart your PC according to requirement. The driver is updated automatically.

detecting problem driver for audio device

If the USB headset is no sound yet, please go on the next.

Step 3: Go to Device Manager.

Step 4: Expand on Sound, video and game controllers and pick out the USB device driver, then right-click Properties.

usb audio device driver

Step 5: Please go to Driver tab, click on Roll back Driver.

headset roll back driver

Step 6: Please choose you roll back reason. Due to the headset is not working, we choose the first one. (My app don’t work with this driver).

driver package rollback

In the end, you are best to restart your computer. USB headset should be worked.

Final Solution:

Driver Doctor can help you to solve all driver issues for Windows 10, 8, 7, vista system. It can scan your computer and detect all problem drivers automatically, then give you a list of new drivers. It’s very fast and convenient.

driver 2

Many users are meeting the problem which is the USB audio device is not working when they upgraded to widows 10. Driver Doctor is a kind of driver software which can help you to solve the driver issue as soon as possible. If you’re one of these people try to download and install Driver Doctor.

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