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Update M-Audio Drivers for Windows 10


Because Windows 10 released less than one year, so many manufacturers are not released all the hardware drivers to Windows 10. So use Driver Doctor to help you scan your Windows 10 system and identify the driver version will be the most effectively way.

Way 1: Automatically Update M-Audio Drivers for Windows 10

Step 1: Download Driver Doctor.

download driver doctor

Install this M-Audio driver helper and then double click the shortcut to launch this program.

driver doctor interface

Step 2: Start with Scan Now function. Click "Scan Now" button in the middle of the interface.

Step 3: Click "Get Drivers".

Step 4: Click "Download" or "Download All" button.

Step 5: Click "Update" button with the driver you want to update.

It is so easy. Use this way to download and update M-audio drivers only need 5 steps, and when you update your M-Audio drivers, it can update other drivers at the same time. If you need more image steps to help you, view details steps here.

Way 2: Manually Download and Update Windows 10 Drivers

M-Audio also released many drivers to Windows 10. Here use M-Track as an example.

Step 1: Find the M-Audio official drivers download link:

Here is the M-Audio drivers download page. you can download M-audio USB audio Windows 10 drivers from here.

Step 2: Choose the right items.

Choose "USB Audio and MIDI Interfaces" from the first item "Series", "M-Track" from "Product", "Windows 10 (64-bit)" from OS, and then click "Show Results".

m-audio m track drivers windows 10

Step 3: Click driver file link "M-Track 1.0.6".

m-track 1.0.6

From the search result, you can also see the firmware updates and software updates.

Step 4: Download drivers.

Accept the agreement by click "Download Now" button, and then it will start download this Windows 10 driver.

m-track windows 10 drivers download

From the driver information page, you can also see the download file "M-Track_1_0_6.ZIP" and the support system versions, the driver version and some release notes.

M-Audio Products Lists Compatible With Windows 10

On August 18 last year, M-Audio submitted a knowledge base told which hardware is support Windows 10 system. This is the hardware list compatible with Windows 10. And if you have a cannon printer, you can click here to view the canon compatible printers for Windows 10.

USB Audio and MIDI Interfaces

M-Track, M-Track Eight, M-Track Plus, M-Track Quad, Micro DAC, USB DAC

MIDI Interfaces

MIDISport 2x2 Annv, MIDISport 4x4 Annv, MIDISport Uno

Keyboard Controllers

Axiom 25, Axiom 49, Axiom 61, Axiom AIR 25, Axiom AIR 49, Axiom AIR 61, Axiom AIR Mini 32,
Keystation 49, Keystation 49es, Keystation 61, Keystation 61es, Keystation 88, Keystation 88es,
Oxygen 25, Oxygen 25(New), Oxygen 49, Oxygen 49(New), Oxygen 61, Oxygen 61(New), Oxygen 88

Drum Machines

Trigger Finger Pro

This is all products support Windows 10. And for the legacy products, M-Audio had still not test them. But M-Audio also said that although these products not official supports windows 10, but actually many of them are worked well in Windows 10.

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