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Touch or On-Screen Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10

on screen keyboard in windows 10

Maybe there is few people knows the touch keyboard. Because we customary to use USB keyboard and PS/2 keyboard. Of course, for the laptop, we will use the internal laptop keyboard. But sometimes, when the external keyboard cannot work on Windows 10, 8, 7, maybe you need to use the on-screen keyboard to type something to find information to help solve errors.

But in my opinion, if your keyboard is out of work, I tend to recommend you to solve the keyboard problem. Using the external keyboard will be more convenient. And there are several related articles: how to download and update keyboard drivers, USB keyboard out of work windows 10, standard PS/2 keyboard cannot work and laptop keyboard won’t type.

There are two easy ways to help enable the touch keyboard and shows it on the monitor.

Turn on On-Screen keyboard in Erase of Access Settings

1. Type settings in search box and choose the best match result Settings on the top to enter the Settings window.

2. Choose Ease of Access.

ease of access

3. Find Keyboard settings, and turn on the on-screen keyboard. And you will find the touch keyboard pops up.

turn on the on screen keyboard

It is a black keyboard on the monitor.

In additional, you can also open the touch keyboard in another way.

Enable Touch Keyboard in Task Bar

Right-click mouse in the taskbar, and select Show touch keyboard button.

show touch keyboard button

You will see the keyboard icon show on the bottom-right corner.

touch keyboard icon

Click this keyboard icon, and the on-screen keyboard will pops up. And you can turn off it by click the Close icon on the top-right corner.

After you enable the touch keyboard on the monitor, you can type something to the word document, address bar, etc. But the touch keyboard may have no response.

Easy Fix Touch Keyboard Not Working on Windows 10 Error

1. Right-click Win icon and choose Computer Management from the options.

computer management

2. Expand the Services and Applications, and you will see Services below it. On the right window, you can also see it. Click any one of the services as you like.


3. Find the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Services, right-click it and choose Properties.

touch keyboard properties

4. In General tab, change the Startup type from Manual to Automatic (Delayed Start) or Automatic.

change startup to automatic

Click OK to finish it.

If this cannot help to solve the touch keyboard out of work problem, try to following the next step.

5. Enter the Dependencies tab, expand the Remote Procedure Call (RPC), and to see other related services. Here you will see there are two services related to the touch keyboard and handwriting panel services.

see other related services

6. Return to the services window, find the DCOM Server Process Lanucher and RPC Endpoint Mapper, and make sure these services are in the running and automatic startup type.

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