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The Front Jack is Not Working in Windows 10, 8, 7 [Solved]

When you plug your microphone or headphone to the front jack, there is no sound you can hear via these input/output audio devices. This is a serious problem, because you can do nothing about the sound such as enjoy music/movie, recording something. If there is no sound when you playing games, you will feel the game is boring.

So how to enable the front Microphone and headphone audio jack has no sound error will be more important. Before you do all things below, try to make sure your headphone and jack is fine, if not, you are waste your time here. This is not a device fix tutorial.

Way 1: Make sure the plug in Jack is Right

At first, try to make plug the headphone to the right audio jack, the headphone/speaker jack is lime green and the microphone is pink. Do not plug in the wrong jack to make a low-level mistake.

front audio jack

Way 2: Use Rear Audio Jack Test it

plug your headphone to the rear audio jack, test if you can hear something from headphone. If you can hear something, you can directly jump to Way 4.

If you can hear nothing from the headphone, try to view the related article at first: How to solve realtek hd audio no sound issue.

rear audio jack

Way 3: Update Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

Updating the audio driver is necessary. Because many devices cannot use are caused by driver issue. So form a good habit to update device driver can made device not working error solved easily and fast. You can use device manager to help update realtek hd definition audio driver or choose the fast way to help you.

Way 4: Adjust Realtek HD Audio Manager Settings

1. Enter the Realtek HD Audio Manager. There are 3 ways you can find this window.
    A. Type Realtek HD Audio Manager in search box to open it.
    B. Find it on right bottom of the Taskbar. It is an orange speaker icon among quick launch
       icons, not the sound volume icon.
    C. Open Control Panel, and find Realtek HD Audio Manager tool.

2. Click folder icon at the right-top, and it will pops up a window: Connector Settings. You need to choose enable this item Disable front panel jack detection.

realtek hd audio manager connector settings

After enable this function, try to plug your microphone or headphone to have a try. You will hear sound from the microphone and headphone.

There is another condition can led to the front audio jack no sound. In BIOS panel, there are some items such as audio controller and front panel control settings. But here we are not discussing this, because the motherboards are different.

Now, you know how to enable the front audio jack working in windows 10. And obvious this way can be used in Windows 8 and Windows 7. Of course, you can cancel the Disable front panel jack detection to disable front audio jack working.

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