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[Solved] SM Bus Controller Not Recognized in Windows 10, 8, 7

sm bus controller not recognized by windows

Sometimes, after you upgrade your Window 7 system to Windows 10 or update Windows 10 system version, your SM Bus Controller will show a yellow exclamation below other devices tree, it is not recognized by your system. And the code error is 28.


What is SM Bus Controller?

In computer, the SM Bus is short for System Management Bus. In the motherboard, the SM Bus Controller is used to control devices which are on the motherboard and gather the information of these devices. It can provide bus control for system and power management and also monitor motherboard’s voltage and temperature. Normally it is integrated into Intel, AMD and NVIDIA chipset.

There are 3 methods you can do to solve the SM Bus out of work issue, and the main solution is updating drivers.

Method 1: Directly Install SM Bus Controller Drivers

Step 1: Enter device manager.

Step 2: Locate to SM Bus controller after you expand the other devices tree.

sm bus controller not recognized by windows

Step 3: Right-click it and choose Update Driver Software to update it.

Sometimes, windows can install and update the driver fast. And in device manager, the yellow exclamation will disappear, you can find the SM Bus Controller in system devices tree.

intel r chipset family sm bus controller 1c22

But some people will get this error when Windows install SMBus Controller.

windows was unable to install your sm bus controller

If you had this error: Windows was unable to install your SM Bus Controller, it means windows could not find driver software for your device. You can use next methods to help you fix it.

Method 2: Automatically Download SM Bus Controller Driver

For the automatic way, you need to download Driver Doctor to help you. Driver Doctor is a professional PC driver tool. It can fix driver issue for Windows 1, 8, 7, Vista and XP system fast and easy.

After you download this tool, follow the installation prompts to install it and double click to run it.

Step 1: Click Scan Now button.

scan now button

And you will see the hardware devices process like this.

scan process

After the scan was finished, you will see the scanning result.

scan result

Step 2: Click Get Drivers.

Step 3: Click Download All.

download process

After you finished downloading all the drivers including the SMBus controller drivers, you can install them one by one.

Method 3: Manually Download and Update SM Bus Controller Drivers

This way will take your time and drain your energy. But it can also help you to solve the SM Bus Controller not working problem.

Whatever model of desktop or laptop you are using, you can try to download the SM Bus Controller drivers from the official site. Here are two popular tutorials about manufacturers manual way to download drivers : how to manually download dell drivers and how to manually download Acer drivers.

Besides of downloading from the official site, there is another manual way you can do. We have mentioned it is integrated into chipset before, so if we know the chipset type, we can download it directly.

Here you can use Windows application DirectX Diagnostic Tool to check the chipset type. DirectX Diagnostic Tool reports detailed information about DirectX components and drivers which is installed on your system.

Step 1: Open DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

Type dxdiag in Search Box, and click dxdiag to run this command.

dxdiag command

Then click Yes to open DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

check driver digital sign yes

Step 2: View Chipset Type.

chip type

From here, we can see the chip type is Intel(R) HD Graphics Family. So you can enter the Intel chipset drivers download center to download this chipset driver. Also, you can download Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility to help you install the SMBus Controller driver. Of course, for the AMD chipset and NVIDIA chipset, you can also download from the official site.

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