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How to Show My PC on desktop in windows 10


After you install Windows 10, you will only see the "Recycle Bin" on the desktop. There is no "My Computer" icon show as you saw on Windows 7. After the Windows 8 system installed, you will never saw another common icons except "Recycle Bin". Windows 10 followed this style. Therefore, this is not convenient for those people who are accustomed to through this icon to do things.

On Windows 10, the icon shows my computer as "This PC". If you cannot see this word on your computer desktop, you need to set it.

Steps to Display "This PC" on Desktop in Windows 10

Step 1: Enter Personalize settings.

On your desktop, right click your mouse, and choose "Personalize" from the popup menus.


Step 2: Enter Themes.

After you enter the personalization, click the "Themes" menu from the left side.

themes menu in windows 10

And from this panel, you can see the themes settings and the related settings.

Step 3: Click Desktop icon settings.

After you enter themes control panel, find the "Desktop icon settings" link from the related settings list.

desktop icon settings in windows 10

After you click this link, the "Desktop Icon Settings" window is popup.

Step 4: Select computer option.

In Desktop Icon Settings window, select the option "Computer", then click "OK" button.

select computer option

So you will find My Computer is show on desktop, it named as This PC.

Video Tutorial: Show My PC on Desktop

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCFhFBmoe1I

Tips: From the "Desktop Icon Settings" you can also set user's files, control panel and network icons show on desktop.

And after you set up it on desktop, you can use my computer to enter device manager fast.

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