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How to Download and Update Samsung Drivers for Windows 10


Samsung is a very famous brand, and it has a huge number of product lines. So it may be difficult for you to find drivers for your computer, I think many people may have the same feeling. Samsung released Windows 10 drivers much more later than other manufacturers, which annoyed many users. And after upgrading to Windows 10, maybe many of your devices cannot run properly. All of these are mainly caused by drivers. So updating the incompatible drivers will be a way to solve this problem.

But when you enter the Samsung download center or Samsung Global download center. actually, you do not know which one is the right Samsung drivers downloading page. Many times, you cannot find the drivers especially the Windows 10 drivers.

I will use the Samsung Download Center as the example. After you enter the Samsung downloading center, choose the product you use:
choose a aio product

After you click "GET DOWNLOADS" button, you will get this page:
cannot find samsung drivers

So you cannot find the laptop DP3300A2A-AD1US driver by this way. And many drivers cannot find the Windows 10 drivers by this manual way.

Don’t worry. You can use another way to update Samsung drivers for Windows 10 more easily. I think many people will choose the automatic way because for Samsung drivers, finding the driver is hard. In addition, this way is very easy and save more time.

How to Automatically Download and Update Samsung Drivers for Windows 10

You need to download this automatically updating tool (DriverDR), install and run it on your Samsung pc.

Step 1: Scan Device Drivers

Click "Scan Now" button when you enter the interface. This will start scanning your device drivers information. And you will get summary information about your Samsung device drivers.

scan devices on windows 10

Step 2: Download Drivers

Click "Get Drivers" > "Download All" button to download all the outdated and missing drivers.

get samsung drivers download all samsung drivers

Step 3: Install Drivers

Click "Install" button one-by-one to install the driver program. And it will automatically install it. You do not need to click all the next buttons.

So only 3 steps you can update all Samsung Windows 10 drivers. Try to use Driver Doctor as a driver helper, it will keep your Samsung computer driver updated and performance optimized.

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