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[Solved] Reinstall Audio Driver Every Time When Restart Computer

Audio function is an important part of computer, so keeping it running properly is necessary. But there is a very boring thing about audio error: every time when you turn on your laptop or desktop, there is no sound for your computer, you need to reinstall the Realtek audio driver. Why this happened? How to solve this problem?

From the process we can see, the audio hardware can run properly after we reinstall the audio drivers, so the hardware itself is good, it is not broken. And the audio driver is compatible with the hardware. So the main reason is that the "Windows Audio" service is disabled, so you need to set it as automatically run when computer reboot.

How to solve the problem of audio reinstallation every time after turning on computer

Step 1: Type the command "services.msc" to enter services panel

You need to type the "services.msc" in the search box at the left side of taskbar, and then press "Enter" button on the keyboard.

service.msc command

After you do that, you will enter the service Window.

service.msc command

Step 2: Find the "Windows Audio" in name list

From the service window, find the Windows audio, if you want to find it quickly, press the "W" letter to help you.

windows audio service

Step 3: Set Windows Audio startup type and service status

Double click "Windows Audio" to enter the properties for Windows audio hardware, and setup the startup type as "Automatic", the service status as "Running".

set windows audio startup type and service status

After you finished, click "OK" button.

Step 4: Enter "Windows Audio Endpoint Builder"

Find the "Windows Audio Endpoint Builder" next to the "Windows Audio" in service window. And then double click to open it.

windows audio endpoint builder

Step 5: Setup windows audio endpoint builder startup type and service status

From the popup window, choose the startup type as "Automatic" and the service status as "Running", then click "OK".

set windows audio endpoint bulider startup type and service status

So with these five steps, you will solve the error of reinstalling audio drivers every time after rebooting computer for Windows 10.

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