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Fix Windows 10 Audio Stutter Issue


After upgrading to Windows 10, your Realtek audio sounds like stuttering or distortion when playing online Youtube video and songs. When you playing video game, the audio is stuttering and have a slight buzzing. You can do nothing because of the sound stuttering, so you need to fix this problem.

1. Update the Realtek Audio Driver

If you found the Windows 10 audio stuttering, the first thing you need to do is uninstall driver and reinstall driver for your audio device. This will be the most possible solution. The reason is that before you upgrade the system, the sound runs properly, after you upgrade to Windows 10, the sound changes to stuttering.

So entering the device manager, and expand the Sound, video and game controllers, right-click the Realtek High Definition Audio, and choose Disable from context menu.

uninstall realtek audio driver

Here are two ways you can do to update the driver to fix the Windows 10 audio stutter issue:

Method 1: automatically update realtek audio drivers
Method 2: manually download and install realtek audio drivers

If you are not use the Realtek HD audio device, you can also use the same way to uninstall and reinstall the other sound card driver such as IDT high definition audio code device and VIA high definition audio. This will help to fix sound stuttering on Windows 10 issue easily.

2. Disable Audio Enhancements

I think this will be an auxiliary way. In all Windows systems (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc), the default settings is keeping the audio enhancements opening to get the perfect audio entertainment. So you can adjust to disable the audio enhancements to stop the audio stuttering. You can view the solution from here: how to turn off audio enhancements.

3. Try to use different Audio Formats

The error audio format can cause stuttering issue. We know there are several output audio formats you can choose with your audio device. Sometimes, especially after you upgrade to windows 10, the incompatible drivers will affect default audio playback. You can follow this article to change different audio formats to solve this problem. As far as possible to try different audio output formats.

4. Remove the Conflict Drivers

Sometimes the network driver and WIFI driver will cause the Windows 10 sound stutter issue. It can conflict with the Realtek HD audio driver. So you can disable and uninstall the network driver to fix audio stuttering error. Mostly, it is the onboard Realtek network device.

Goes to device manager, expand the Network adapters. And you will see the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller.

Right-click it, and choose Disable from context menu. This will help to disable the network device. Here you can play an audio to test if the sound stutters or not.

Then right-click it again, and choose Uninstall this time.

Reboot the computer after uninstalled the network driver. Try to download the network driver from Realtek official site. You can also use Driver Doctor to help you download and update this driver.

Try to follow the three ways one by one. If updating audio drivers cannot solve the stuttering or distorted problem, continue to try the second way and the third way.

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