> > Fix PCI Serial Port Driver Not Installed in Windows 10, 8, 7

Fix PCI Serial Port Driver Not Installed in Windows 10, 8, 7


pci serial port driver missing

After upgrading Dell or HP laptop to Windows 10, you will find all the drivers are working properly except the PCI Serial Port. It shows a yellow exclamation under other devices tree. So after upgrading, the windows 10 PCI serial port driver is missing or have some errors.

What is PCI Serial Port Driver?

PCI is short for Peripheral Component Interconnect. The main function is attaching peripheral devices to computer and motherboard to keep the computer and devices run properly. And the serial port is a serial physical interface which can transfer information between internal devices and external devices. The series port is usually used to connect the external devices such as graphic card, audio card, network card, etc.

To solve this problem, you need to find the PCI serial port driver and install it.

Normally, PCI serial port driver error and PCI simple communications controller driver error are related to the Intel AMT driver. So after you installed PCI serial port driver for Dell or HP PC, it will change to the Intel(R) Active Management Technology.

There are 3 Methods you can do to solve this problem.

Solution 1: Using Device Manager Update PCI Serial Port Driver

Step 1: Open Device Manager.

Step 2: Right-click PCI Serial Port and Choose Update Driver Software.

update driver software

Step 3: Choose the first option automatically update driver software.

automatically update pci serial port driver

Windows will search your computer and the Internet to find the latest version driver and install it automatically.

I know most of people had already tested in this way but the problem still exists. So if this cannot solve your problem, try to go ahead to find a solution to help you.

Solution 2: Intel Driver Update Utility

The PCI serial port driver missing actually is the Intel AMT driver missing, so we can download the Intel AMT driver from Intel download center. Of course, using Intel Driver Update Utility software can also help to detect PCI serial port driver and automatically update for you.

Step 1: Download Intel Driver Update Utility.

Step 2: Install and run it on your computer.

Step3: Start Scan.

scan now

After you click Start Scan, the software will scan your computer, and detect the Intel devices.

search for drivers

Step 4: Download Intel Drivers.


After you see the scan result, you will see the latest drivers and older drivers, and choose the Intel drivers you want to download, click download button.

And you can set the download directory by click the folder button.

Step 5: Install.

After the download finished, you can click the Install button to install the Intel AMT Driver, and then you will find the PCI Serial Port disappeared.

Final Solution: Automatically Update

Using Driver Doctor to solve PCI serial port will be more easier and faster. With the method 1 can solve part of the PCI serial port, but most of the time, windows cannot identify this device. And for the method 2, the Intel Driver Update Utility are installed the Intel generic drivers. So if you want to download the customized drivers, I think the Driver Doctor will be a better choice.

Driver Doctor can detect all PC devices including the motherboard, chipset, PCI port, USB port, graphic card, audio card, network card, etc and find the latest version drivers for your Dell, HP computer. Then download and update them to solve your driver issue.

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