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4 Ways to Open Device Manager In Windows 10


Device Manager is a management tool for devices. In the past and today, the device manager usually refers to the computer's device manager, such as Windows 7 device manager, windows 8 device manager and the latest windows 10 device manager. In addition, there is another device management tool called android device manager, mainly used for manage android system devices. Here we mainly talk ways of enter device manager in windows 10.

The device manager is mainly for list devices and manage their drivers, so click here to learn more about use device manager to download and update drivers for Windows 10.

If you want to manager your device, you need to know where it is. At first, from the below image we can knows the windows 10 device manager interface looks like.

device manager interface

This is Windows 10 device manager interface. From this image, we can see here are many devices arrange in alphabetical order. Here you can see the hardware such as audio inputs and outputs, disk drives, display adapters, keyboards, processors, printers and others.

If you want to know the device model you use, click the left arrow, you will see the detail.

hardware model

How to access the Device Manager on Windows 10

Here I only list some of the fastest and easiest ways.

Way 1: Use the search box in the taskbar (Fast and easy)

Step 1: Find the search box in the taskbar, then input "device" or "device manager". The system will provide you the compatible information, the device manager is list on the number 1.

enter device manager in search box

Step 2: Click the device manager from the result by mouse or click "Enter" button by the keyboard; you will directly enter the device manager interface.

Way 2: Combination Short Keys way

Step 1: In the keyboard, press the "Win" + "Pause Break" button at the same time. The image is the Logitech k120 keyboard interface.

win prase break combination

After you click this combination keys, you will enter the computer properties.

Step 2: Click the "Device Manager" link. You can view it on the left side and the first one.

system properties

Then you will enter the device manager interface.

Way 3: PC Properties Way

Step 1: Find the PC shortcut (My Computer) on the desktop, and choose the Properties menu after click the right mouse.

pc properties

Tips: In windows 10, my computer icon is not show as default. If you do not find "My Computer" in Windows 10 desktop, view this article to solve it first: How to Show My PC on Desktop in Windows 10.

Step 2: After you enter the PC properties, it shows as the way 2 step 2. So click the device manager link to open it.

Way 4: Settings function to find it

Step 1: click the Win icon in the toolbar, and find settings menu. Click it by mouse left button and open the setting control panel.

find setting menu

Step 2: Click "Devices" to enter the next interface.

click devices at setting

Step 3: Click the "Device Manager" link at the bottom.

related settings device manager

After you follow the step 2, you will enter the classification interface of devices. Here you will find different types of device list in the left. Here you can manage these device separate, such as add printer or scanner, set Bluetooth, add or delete mouse or touchpad, etc.

Using these four ways, you can find device manager for your windows 10 system easily. There are also another ways you can open it, but I think the list four ways are fastest and easiest. Some of the other ways need you have some knowledge in computer. Moreover, what you do after open device manager is more important, so let's download and update windows 10 drivers now.

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