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4 Ways to Open Device Manager In Windows 10


Device Manager is a type of management tool which is used for updating, uninstalling and disabling the drivers for your hardware devices. Usually, device manager built in the Windows system, such as Windows 7, 8, Vista, 10 system.

Another type of management tool is called Android device manager. It is mainly used for managing devices of Android system.

Here we talk about how to open the device manager in windows 10.

Device manager listed all hardware devices on your computer and managed the drivers of them. So click here to learn more about useing device manager to download and update drivers for Windows 10.

Please see below image. This is Device Manager box on Windows 10. You can see many hardware name of computer arranged in alphabetical order such as Audio inputs and outputs, Disk drives, Display adapters, Keyboards, Processors, Printers and Others.

device manager interface

If you want to learn about the device model, click the left arrow and the details is showed up.

hardware model

How to access the Device Manager on Windows 10

Method 1: Use Search Box (Fast and Easy)

Step 1: Type device or device manager in the Search box on lower-left corner of the screen. You can find the Device Manager option on the top of the menu list.

enter device manager in search box

Step 2: Please click it and the option is opened. Also, you can directly press Enter key on the keyboard to open this option.

Method 2: Use Combine Short Keys

Step 1: Press Win + Pause Break key on the keyboard to go to System box. The image is the Logitech k120 keyboard interface.

win prase break combination

Step 2: You can catch Device Manager option on the left list and click it.

system properties

Then you will go into the device manager interface.

Method 3: Use PC Properties

Step 1: Find This PC on the desktop and right-click on Properties option.

pc properties

Step 2: After you enter to the PC properties, you can catch Device Manager option on the left list and click it.

Method 4: Use Settings Function

Step 1: Press Win key and find Settings icon. Click it and go into the Settings control panel.

find setting menu

Step 2: Click Devices to enter the next interface.

click devices at setting

Step 3: Click the Device Manager option on the right bottom.

related settings device manager

In this page, you can find many different types of device on the left list. Here you can manage these devices separately such as add printer or scanner, set Bluetooth, add or delete mouse or touchpad etc.

According to above four methods, you can open the device manager in Windows 10 easily. If the hardware device does not working or an error has occurred, you can feel free to open it and update the right drivers for hardware device.

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