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This NVIDIA Graphics Is Not Compatible With This Version of Windows

nvidia graphics driver not compatible windows

For game players, it is very necessary to update the game graphics device due to the game graphics features keep upgrading. When you are installing the driver which is downloaded from NVIDIA official website such as GeForce 1070 GTX driver or GeForce 1080 GTX driver, the NVIDIA Installer box maybe give you tips:

"NVIDIA Installer cannot continue

This NVIDIA graphics is not compatible with this version of Windows"

Sometimes this is a system conflict issue between Windows 10 anniversary version with NVIDIA driver. So you are best to consider to update your Windows 10 anniversary version.

As we know, NVIDIA GeForce 10 series device could be installed in Windows 10 anniversary version 1607 or higher version.

Please check your Windows anniversary version at first.

1, Please press the Windows logo and click the Settings logo option. You can go into Windows Settings.

setting option

2, In Windows Settings, please select the System option.

windows settings system

3, Choose About which is under the left bottom corner. You can find the system details about Windows 10 and check the anniversary version is 1511.

windows 10 version 1511

You also can press Win + R key to enter About Windows and check the anniversary version.

Please key in winver in Run box which is under the left corner of the screen.

run box key in winver

Then, you can catch the Windows 10 anniversary version in it.

window 10 1511 version

In this case, we advise you to upgrade your Windows anniversary version from 1511 to 1607.

Please follow below steps to upgrade Windows anniversary version:

4, Please return to Windows Settings and choose the Update and Security.

update security setting

5, Click on Windows Update. You can find the Check for updates bottom and hit it. Available updates will be downloaded and installed automatically.

check for updates

6, Finished, the latest Windows update status could be showed. At the time, please click the Restart now to restart your computer.

windows status

Sometimes the update would be interrupted when you are downloading update Windows 10. The update have stuck. If you want to fix this problem, please get reading this article: fix windows 10 update stuck downloading error.

7, Please download the new GeForce 10 series driver from NVIDIA or GeForce driver website. An executable file would be downloaded and save it in your favorite disk. We will take the GeForce 1070 GTX driver for your reference.

nvidia driver download

8, Double-click the new driver executable file, the driver would be installed automatically and goes running.

Final Solution:

Driver Doctor (short for Driver DR) can help you to solve all driver issues as soon as possible. It is a kind of driver updating tool. Its proprietary One-Click Update technology not only ensures that you have correct driver versions for your hardware, but it also creates a backup of your current drivers before making any changes. It’s very fast and convenient. It takes only three steps to solve all the drive problems for you.

1) Open Driver Doctor Software and click Scan Now. Scan for drivers that need to be updated.

driver doctor

2) The drivers have being detected. Click Get Drivers .

driver 2

3) Click Download All to download the updated drivers.

Finally, click Install. The right driver is installed and you can enjoy NVIDIA GeForce device.

More and more users favorite the NVIDIA products due to its features and functionality. Users have experienced this issue which is NVIDIA graphics is not compatible with the version of windows more or less. The best way is to update your Windows 10 anniversary version and then install the new driver.

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