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[Fixed] Multimedia Audio Controller Driver Error for Windows 10, 8, 7

Audio device is an important output device in a computer. If a desktop or laptop has sound, we can enjoy songs/movies and chat with others. But in some conditions, such as after your update your Windows system or upgrade your system, there is no sound from the speaker or headset. You may worry about it because you can do nothing related to the sound.

And sometimes in the device manager, you find the multimedia audio controller is shown as an exclamation point (!).

multimedia audio controller driver is error

Here you can see the "Multimedia Audio Controller" is below "Other devices", and there is no sound, video and game controller option in device manager. From the device manager, we know the audio driver is incompatible or installed error. So we need to uninstall and update the multimedia audio controller driver.

At first, we need to uninstall the Multimedia Audio Controller.

Right click Multimedia Audio Controller ---> Uninstall, and following the uninstall guideline to uninstall this hardware driver.

uninstall multimedia audio controller driver

And the next is how to reinstall and update multimedia audio controller driver. There are two ways you can do to download and update this audio controller driver.

Way 1: Use Windows update to install multimedia audio driver

Step 1: Click the "Scan for hardware changes" icon.

scan for hardware changes

This action will help you scan and list the hardware in the device again. Because at first you had already uninstalled the multimedia audio controller driver, so it disappeared, but after you scan again, it will appears again.

Tips: You need remember the scan function can detect most hardware in your computer, but not all hardware.

Step 2: Click Update Driver Software.

Find the Multimedia Audio Controller can right click the mouse, and choose "Update Driver Software" on the pops items.

Step 3: Automatically search and install driver for you.

automatically update driver

The system will help you search and install the driver for your system. Such as if your system is Windows 10 64 bit, it will help you search multimedia audio controller windows 10 64 bit driver, and then help you install it after system find it.

Way 2: Use Driver Doctor to update Multimedia Audio Controller Driver

Using Driver Doctor will be a better choice because normally if a driver is conflict (in device manager it shows as exclamation point), the windows update function cannot solve this problem every time. But use Driver Doctor can solve the problem easily.

Driver Doctor is a professional driver finder, downloader and installer tool, so it can help you detect computer devices, scan for the devices driver information, and told you how many drivers are missing, how many drivers are incompatible and how many drivers are latest.

After you download Driver Doctor, install and run it on your computer, you can use this software follow the next steps:

Scan Now > Get Drivers > Download All > Install

Only 4 steps you can update all drivers.

So after you update multimedia audio drivers for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7, you can enjoy the song, video game, movies and chat with others.

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