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[Solved] USB / Wireless Mouse is Not Working in Windows 10


When you use Windows 10 system or after you upgrade the system to Windows 10, you will meet some issues associated with mouse (Logitech, Razer or other manufacturer). The most common one is your wireless or USB mouse stop working in Windows 10 system. Here you can get the solutions to this problem.

Solution 1: Reconnect the USB/Wireless Mouse

Normally, if this can solve the problem, you are lucky.

First, disconnect your USB mouse cable or the USB Receiver and wait for some seconds (30-60), this will make the Windows system unload the device driver. Then connect the USB cable/receiver to the desktop or laptop again, the Windows 10 will automatically detect the USB hardware and reload the driver. We also call this function as Windows Plug-and-Play (PNP) function.

change a usb port

Small Knowledge: What is Microsoft PNP?

PNP full form is Plug-and-Play, it is proposed by Microsoft. It means that the system automatically detect peripheral equipment and motherboard, automatically install the device drivers to make this device work, without human intervention, it is a Windows technology.

Solution 2: Change a different PC USB Port

If you find your USB / wireless mouse is out of work, please try to plug out mouse from the USB port and try to plug into another port to have a try. Of course, you need to make sure another PC USB port works fine. If your mouse is plugged into an USB hub or an USB switch box, do not use switch equipments this time.

change a usb port

Solution 3: Check the Wireless Mouse Battery

If you use the wireless mouse, check if the mouse is turn on. Make sure the old or worn battery in your wireless mouse can work properly. If not, replace a new battery and try again. When you shut down your pc, you can turn off the mouse power. And if you aren’t using your wireless mouse for an extended period, try to remove the battery to prolong the mouse life.

wireless mouse battery

Solution 4: Reset the Wireless Mouse

After using wireless mouse for a long time, the flash memory Fireware maybe lost. This can cause mouse to stop working. You can reset to get the wireless mouse working again.

1. Connect the USB receiver to computer.

2. Turn on the mouse power switch.

3. Press the reset button for five seconds. The reset button is in the back of the wireless mouse.

Solution 5: Remove Other Conflict Devices

Sometimes, after you plugged into some new USB devices, or installed other devices for your computer, some of these devices maybe caused to be interrupted. So try to remove or plug out these devices to guarantee the new hardware is not the reason why the mouse stopped working.

Solution 6: Reinstall or Update Wireless / USB mouse drivers

Sometimes, it is common that after you upgrade to Windows 10, the mouse drivers is not compatible with Windows 10 or it occured installation error. So you want Windows 10 to recognize your mouse device, reinstalling and updating the mouse driver is necessary.

For reinstalling or updating mouse driver, there are at least three ways you can follow.

1. Use Device Manager Reinstall USB / Wireless Drivers

As default, Windows 10 can update all your device and accessories drivers automatically. You can enter the device manager to do this.

After you enter the device manager, expand the Mice and other pointing devices, you will see the mouse type you are using in Windows 10.

Right-click it and choose Uninstall option to uninstall the wireless mouse device. And then click Scan for hardware changes, the windows will rescan computer device and install it for you.

And then locate the mouse device. Select the first option Update Driver Software from the right-click menu.

update windows 10 mouse drivers in device manager

Next, you will see two options to update your mouse drivers. Choose the first option search the new version of mouse drivers automatically and update it.

windows automatically search and update mouse drivers

After you click the first option, it will start working. Several seconds later, the USB mouse driver will be installed in Windows 10.

2. Manually Download and Reinstall Mouse Drivers

This way will be take you more time. Because you need to find the drivers package from the official site and download it. After you download it, you can install it by yourself.

For example, if you want to update Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse drivers to Windows 10. For the Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP drivers, view it from here.

First, you need to find the Logitech download center: http://support.logitech.com/en_us/downloads

Second, select the Download option. Enter the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse in the search box. The result will show as below.

search logitech g600 mmo mouse drivers for windows 10

Third, click the word link or the button to enter the download package page.

download logitech g600 mmo gaming software windows 10 64 bit

Choose the 32 bit version or 64 bit version and click the Download button to start downloading this driver. After it finished, install it.

3. Automatically Download and Update Mouse Drivers

This way is the nicest way of the three. With only three clicks you can download and update mouse drivers. You do not need do these things: find drivers by yourself, download drivers slowly, follow step-by-step installation guideline.

Here you can use Driver Doctor to help you do all the things. As a highly effective tool, Driver Doctor provides an easy and fast way to help you find, download and update your computer drivers. What you need to do is click "Scan Now" button to start using this software.

Click the Download Now button to download this software first:

After the program download, install and run it.

1) click Scan Now button.

scan devices on windows 10

2) click Get Drivers.

3) click Download or Download All button.

4) click Install button.

Of course, you can try to view the more details guideline about automatically updating Logitech mouse drivers.

Solution 7: Test Your Mouse on Another PC

The main reason why I list this way here is that another PC has a different condition. Maybe it will cause other problems. But you can try to plug your mouse USB port to another PC to test if it works well.

Normally, when the mouse does not work at all (Such as when you plug mouse USB port to pc, the mouse light does not appear, the cursor does not move or not appear on the screen), you can change another PC to test your mouse. If it does not work on another pc, maybe you need to consider buying a new one.

Solution 8: Unfreeze Mouse freezing after typing in Windows 10

Sometimes when you press the mouse and are trying to type some words, the mouse cursor seems to freeze 1-2 seconds. The delay action is annoying. This because the touchpad is protecting itself from being moved by your palm and tapping on the touchpad is enabled. So try to disable the two settings in your touchpad settings.

At first, try to keep Synaptics touchpad driver up to date. And then you can follow the next settings.

Following this path: Control panel > hardware and sound > Click mouse under devices and printers > device settings tab > open pointing, sensitivity, palmcheck to disable these items. Of course, find the tapping item, and disable it.

Of course, if you had problem in Windows 8.1, 8 and Windows 7, you can also try to disable palm check and tapping on touchpad to unfreeze the mouse.

Solution 9: Unfreeze Your Computer

It happens in special condition. When your wireless mouse is freezen on the screen, the mouse pointer stops running or disappeared, maybe your computer is deadlocked. Of course, you can use keyboard to further diagnose this issue.

Press the Num Lock key several times. If the Num Lock indicator on your keyboard shows turn on and off normally, it means the system runs well, but some of the programs stopped working. Try to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at the same time to open the Task Manager. Find the not responding program and click end task button to unfreeze your computer and mouse.

If the Num Lock indicator has no changes, it means the system at a deadlock. When all the devices including your keyboard and mouse cannot use, try to press the power button on your computer to reboot it again.

Summary: So the above 9 ways will help you solve the mouse problem. And after you upgrade to Windows 10, you will lose part of mouse function. So keeping the compatible and updated drivers for Windows 10 is the best way.

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