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[Solved] Missing Sound Icon in Windows 10

Volume icon is in the lower right corner of the task bar. Although do not pay attention to it more often, but users will subconsciously use it every time they need. If the sound icon in the task bar is missing, it will have some degree of importance, and you will feel not accustomed. So if this happened, solve it.

missing sound icon in tasktar windows 10

Step 1: Right click your mouse in the taskbar and choose the "Properties" to enter taskbar and start menu properties interface.

taskbar properties

Step 2: Click "Customize" button.

View the notification area, and click the "Customize" button to customize the taskbar programs notification type.

notification area customize

Step 3: Click "Turn system icons on or off" link.

After you click "Customize" on the taskbar, you will enter the "Notifications & actions" interface. Click the text link "Turn system icons on or off" from the quick actions option.

turn system icon on or off

Step 4: Turn on Volume setting.

In "Turn System ICONS ON OR OFF" screen, if you find the volume icon is in turned off status, click the dot to turn it on.

turn on volume icon

After you turn on this button, you will see the icon appeared in taskbar.

Tips: If you find there are two sound icons in the taskbar, do not worry about it. One is the system sound icon we mentioned above. And another one will be an audio program. It contains more functions.

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