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[Fixed] Microphone no sound in windows 10


Many people ask that why there is no sound input through my Microphone connected receiver after upgrading to windows 10. Today we tell you how to solve this problem.


1: Make sure the microphone port is connected correctly. Generally, the headset with a microphone has two sets of ports, one is green port (speaker port), and another is red port (microphone port).

mic port

2: Make sure the microphone volume is opened.


The problem which occurs may be due to hardware device issues or driver issues. So you can have a try to troubleshoot from three ways.

Way 1: Set Default Device from Control Panel

Step 1: Click on Search Windows under the left corner of screen and key in "control" or "control panel" words. You can search to control panel on the top and click it.

control panel

Step 2: Enter the control panel, you select Realtek HD Audio Manager and click it.

control panel 2

Step 3: Finally, set Recording Volume

mic in

Way 2: Set Default Device from Sound Icon

Step 1: Right-click the Sound Icon in the taskbar locating at the bottom right of the screen and select Recording devices

recording device

Step 2: Right-click on Enable and the Microphone will be set as default.


Step 3: Right-click on Properties of Microphone and select the Listen and uncheck the Listen to this device.


Step 4: Select Levels and drag the sliders all the way to the right, until the volume is right for you.


Step 5: Select Enhancements and check the Disable all sound effects and Noise suppression.


Step 6: Select Advanced and check the Exclusive Mode. Microphone will have sound.


Way 3: Update Driver from Device Manager

Step 1: Click on Search Windows under the left corner of screen and key in "device" or "device manager" words. You can find device manager on the top and click it.


Step 2: Enter the device manager, click on Audio inputs and outputs. Microphone will be found and right-click on uninstall.


Step 3: Finally, click on Scan for hardware changes and the updated driver will be installed automatically. Your Microphone should be able to work normally.


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