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[Fixed] Low Audio/Sound Volume from My Laptop/Desktop

When you use the computer to enjoy music and movie, you find the sound is lower than before. Even though you adjust the sound icon the 100%, the audio volume do not increased. This may occurs after you upgrade your system or update the system package.

If you find your microphone or speaker had low audio volume error, following the next guide to solve it.

1. Enter Control Panel. Type control panel in search box, and it will shows the related results, and you will see control panel, click it to enter.

2. Find Sound in control panel and enter sound Properties.

find sound item

3. In sound Properties, choose the output device speaker, and then click Configure.

choose configure

4. Choose the full-range speakers as Front left and right item, and click Next.

full range speaker choose front left and right

5. Click Finish button to finish setup the speaker configuration.

speaker configuration complete

6. Choose Speaker > Properties.

speaker properties

7. There are some settings you need set in Enhancements tab. (If you do not find enhancements tab, directly to step 8).
    a. Cancel the arrow in Disable all sound effects, this can active sound effect properties.
    b. Enable Equalizer, Headphone Virtualization and Loudness Equalization.
    c. Choose Powerful as the frequency response.

enhancements settings

8. Go to the Advanced tab, and set the default format as 24bit, 192000Hz (Studio Quality).

set the default format

And if the users do not have the enhancements tab, please select 16bit, 48000Hz (DVD Quality). If this cannot work, continue to set it as 16bit, 44100HZ (CD Quality).

Of course, you can try to set all these in Realtek HD Audio Manager. It is an orange speaker icon among quick launch icons at the bottom right of your computer. Also, you can find it in the control panel or Task Manager > Startup.
Realtek hd audio manager settings
But at first, you need to update Realtek High Definition Audio drivers to the latest version.

If you use other audio device such as IDT High Definition Audio Codec device, not Realtek audio device, you can do these things.

At first, try to download and update IDT High Definition Audio Codec drivers, and then following this way. Maybe the name is IDT HD Audio manager.

Solution & Summary:

All the settings are easy, and it is related to adjust the sound properties. And some of the sound problem cause by audio drivers. Before you do all the things, try to use Driver Doctor to help you scan your computer, find all the outdated drivers including audio drivers, and then download & update it. After that, you will find the low sound volume error is solved.

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