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[Solved] Keyboard is Not Working After Upgrade to Windows 10


Have you ever had the problem that your keyboard could not input anything when you installed Windows 10 or upgraded to Windows 10? Maybe your keyboard is not working in the Windows 10. There are five ways that you can choose to solve this problem easily


Solution 1: Reconnecting the USB Port

First, pull out your USB port of keyboard and wait for a few seconds (about 30 to 60 seconds), the hardware of keyboard is not connected in the window 10.

Second, pull in the USB port of keyboard to your PC, then the Windows 10 will automatically search for the hardware and reloaded the driver. The best result is that the keyboard will work normally after reconnection. Otherwise it may be other reasons that cause this problem.

reconnect usb port

Solution 2: Changing a Different USB Port

As we know, there are several USB ports in your PC, you can have a try to pull in other ports of keyboard to your PC. Because maybe the USB port of keyboard has broken what you are using.

keyboard port

Solution 3: Inspecting Keyboard’s Battery

As we know, if the wireless keyboard want to work, there must be 1or 2 pieces of batteries. So insepcting the battery power is really necessary.

battery keyboard

Solution 4: Update Keyboard’s Driver

If the above ways cannot help you solve the problem, you can update the driver of the keyboard in your PC. Usually, not all the driver of windows system could be match the each other. For example, the driver of windows 7 could not be matched windows 10. If you upgraded your windows system from 7 to 10, maybe the driver of the keyboard need to be updated.

There are three ways for you to update the driver of the keyboard:

1: Using Device Manager to Update

Usually, Windows 10 could update all devices and accessories drivers automatically for you. You can set device that you need in "device manager" in your PC.

Step 1: You can find the "Search Windows" under the left corner on the desktop, then key "device" or "device manager" into "Search Windows". You can see a tip "device manager" and click it.


Step 2: You can find "keyboard" button and click it. You can see a tip "HID keyboard device" and click the right button with your mouse and click the tip "update driver software…."

device 2

Then you can see a tip "search automatically for updated driver software" and click it. There is a matched driver which will be found. The keyboard could will be working.

device 3

2: Updated Keyboard’s Driver Manually

It will cost you much time to do this. Because you need to find the driver from the official site of the Microsoft on network and download it. Them you can install the driver to your PC.

3: Update Keyboard’s Driver Automatically

This is best choice for you. Only click three times you can download and update driver synchronously. You will save much time to find the matched driver, wait the loading slowly, following the guideline step by step.

As a highly effective tool of driver, Driver Doctor could help you do all things. It will be provided to you to find, load and update your driver of computer easier and faster.

Following below steps to update.

First, open Driver Doctor Software and click "Scan Now" button.


Second, click the "Get Drivers" button.

driver 2

Third, click "Download All" button.

driver 3

Finally, click "Install" button.

driver 4

Solution 5: Testing your keyboard

If the keyboard itself has no problem, you can use the above methods to try to update. But have you ever considered that the keyboard itself is a problem? So we need to test the keyboard.

When you put in the USB port of the keyboard to your PC, your key words are not displayed in the monitor either. You can change another PC to test your keyboard. If it is not working still on another PC, maybe you need to consider a new keyboard.

Summary: Above five ways will help you solve the keyboard’s problem. It is possible that after the updated the windows 10 system, part of the keyboard function may be lost. The best way is to find a suitable solution for you.

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