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How to Install Compatible Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Drivers on Windows 10


After you upgrade your system from Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to Windows 10, all devices can work properly, but for some older devices such as printer, scanner cannot work well because there are no windows 10 drivers for these devices. Because the printer and scanner are very expensive, most of the people will not buy a new one to support windows 10. So making the older printer or devices worked on windows 10 is a necessary thing.

Will Windows 7, 8 Drivers Work on Windows 10?

This is a simple question but also a little complex. For the simple is you can try to download a windows 7 or windows 8 driver, install it on windows 10. If it runs well, we think this driver supports windows 10 system. The complex is based on the technology and driver test process and driver release process.

Some manufacturers will test the windows 7 or windows 8 drivers on windows 10, if it can work correctly on windows 10, the will fix something and modified the official site words remind you it supports Windows 10.

So we can see, if you cannot find the Windows 10 drivers from the official site, you can download the latest version of drivers for the older device. Normally, if it can support Windows 10 system, you are lucky.

For some drivers which cannot work correctly, the manufacturer will create a new version of the driver for Windows 10, this takes time and a new digital signal driver process is more complex.

Here use Dell Mono Laser MFP 1125 printer as the example to solve the compatible driver error.

Dell MFP 1125 printer is an older printer, so Dell does not release Windows 10 driver for this printer. So if you one, you need to install a compatible printer driver to run on windows 10. If you have another older devices does not support windows 10 such as scanner, graphic card, etc, you can follow this way to fix your older devices cannot use in windows 10 error.

How to Install Windows 7 Dell Mono Laser MFP 1125 Printer Driver On Windows 10?

Step 1: Download R248142.exe.

This file is Windows 7 64 bit, if your Windows 10 system is 32 bit, you can also download the windows 7 32 bit version driver from the official site.

Step 2: Right-click it and select Troubleshoot compatibility option to run it.

troubleshoot compatibility

Tips: If it is a graphic card or other device driver, you also need to choose this option.

After clicking it, the program troubleshooting starts to detect the issue.

program compatibility troubleshooter detecting issues

Step 3:s Choose troubleshoot program.

troubleshoot program

Step 4: Choose the first option: the program worked in earlier versions of windows but won’t install or run now.

this printer driver worked in windows 7

This item means, in windows 7, the printer driver R248142.exe worked well, but after upgrade to windows 10, the printer driver cannot use.

Step 5: Choose the previously version your driver can work. If it is windows 7, choose Windows 7, if it is Windows 8, choose Windows 8.

choose previously version

Step 6: click test the program. This will help to make sure you have already added a printer to the computer.

test the program

Step 7: It will start run the R248142.exe to install it on your computer. And you need to make sure the printer is connected to the computer.

connect your printer

Step 8: Following the guideline to add and install drivers for the printer.

Step 9: Click Next button and choose the first option.

fixed the problem

Step 10: Fixed the incompatible program error.

fixed the incompatible program

After that, you can turn on your printer and test your printer on windows 10. So this way can help you install the compatible windows 7 and windows 8 drivers on windows 10.


I think this article can help to fix the error of installing compatible drivers for older devices to work properly on windows 10. Of course, for the driver issue, you can use Driver Doctor to help you. Driver Doctor can fix the printer driver missing, interrupt, outdated issues very easy and fast.

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