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How to Use Media Creation Tool in Windows 10


The Media Creation Tool is released by Microsoft to help users make USB flash Drive as bootable device. It can help you do this thing easier and fast. You do not need to download a tool and ISO file one by one. Besides of the media creation function, it also has other functions such as upgrade your PC and download the ISO files.

Preparation: You need download Media Creation Tool first, and this software is less than 20MB.
Enter the Microsoft official page: https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows10, and download the tool.

download media creation tool for windows 10

After the download finished and you installed this software, you can do many things with this tool.

Part 1: Download ISO files for Windows 10 with Media Creation Tool

I think use Media Creation Tool to download Windows 10 image ISO file is a simple and easy way. We know there are many ways you can do to download Windows 10 ISO file, but you canot make sure if the file is fully safe. Because after you download the ISO file, the Media Creation Tool will verify the ISO file to make sure you downloaded it completely. So choose the official way will keep all things doing well. Click here to view how to download Windows 10 ISO files with Media Creation Tool.

Part 2: Make USB Flash Drive as Bootable Device with Media Creation Tool

This function is similar like Windows USB/DVD Download tool. Some users use Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool create bootable usb flash drive device. Use this software, it can directly download the ISO file and copy the ISO file to USB Flash Drive, very easy and fast.

How to Create Bootable USB device with Media Creation Tool?

Step 1: Run Media Creation Tool.

Step 2: Accept license term.

accept license terms

Step 3: Choose create new media device for another pc.

choose another pc media device

You need to choose the second item. The first option is upgrade your pc system version.

Step 4: Choose language and system edition.

select system options

If you do not use the recommend options, you can cancel the checkbox, and then you can choose the options you want.

not use recommend options

Step 5: Choose USB Flash Drive.

choose usb flash drive media

Tips: It requires your USB Drive storage more than 4GB. Because when you uncompress the Windows 10 ISO files and copy it to USB Flash Drive, it will be more than 4GB space.

Step 6: Choose USB Flash Drive Device you want to copy.

choose usb drive you want to copy

Here you can see there is a removable drives list, and here the D Drive can be chosen.

Tips: If you are not connecting your USB Drive to Computer USB port, you will see there is no drive you can use.

refresh drive list

You need to click the link of "Refresh drive list", and then it will show you drives list you can find.

Step 7: Downloading Windows 10.

downloading windows 10

The Media Creation Tool start download Windows 10 ISO file, and this progress will takes several minutes.

verify windows 10 iso download

After download finished, it will start verify the download file to make sure this file download successfully. And this progress only takes several seconds.

Step 8: Create USB Flash Drive as Bootable device.

copy windows 10 iso to usb drive

This progress is the last step. Media Creation Tool start to copy the Windows 10 ISO files to the USB Drive, make it as an installation media to install a clean Windows 10 system or recovery another computer system.

finish copy iso files to usb drive

Click "Finish" button to finish it.

And you can click the local drive to view what files in the USB Flash Drive.

file list

From this USB bootable device, you can all the files in it. After you setup your system boot from USB Drive, you can use it to install a new windows 10 system.

Part 3: Upgrade your PC with Media Creation Tool

The Media Creation Tool also can help you upgrade your system directly, what you need do is choose upgrade this pc.

Step 1: Choose Upgrade this PC Now.

Run the Media Creation Tool and click next until you see the following inferface, you need choose upgrade this pc now, it will start Windows 10 and upgrade the new update for your computer.

upgrade this pc

Step 2: Download, Verify Windows 10 ISO files and Create Windows 10 Media.

After you click "Next", it will start download Windows 10, and then verify the download file and then create Windows 10 Media.

downloading windows 10

Step 3: Getting Updates.

After create the Windows 10 media, it will start prepare for Windows 10 and then checking for the updates and install the updates.

make sure to install windows 10 keep personal files and applications getting updates

This update progress will take a few minutes. And it will keep your personal information and files.

After the update progress finished, it will start install windows 10 for you. So all of the things will be changed how to install Windows 10, following the guideline to install Windows 10.

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