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[Solved] How to Use Headphone as Microphone in Windows 10

Many people ask that sometimes we want to record something in our computer. But we have only a headphone without microphone. What can we do?

Headphone and microphone are actually very similar. Both headphone and microphone contain a diaphragm. Their only difference is just that headphone vibrates the diaphragm to create sound while microphone monitor vibration from sound in order to record it.

Today let’s help you to solve it when you want to use headphone as microphone.

1, Making sure the microphone port is connected correctly. Generally, there are two basic ports in the computer. One is the headphone port (green port with headphone logo), and another is the microphone port (red port with microphone logo).

microphone port in pc

2, Be sure to open the headphone volume.


3, Click Search Box under the left corner of screen and key in Realtek HD Audio. You can hit Realtek HD Audio Manager on the top.

realtek hd audio manager

4, Open Recording Volume and select A, B, C and D mode according to your requirement if you like.

realtek hd audio setting

5, Right-click Sound icon in the taskbar locating at the bottom right of the screen and choose Recording devices. Here is the solution of the sound icon is missing on Windows 10.

recording devices in sound icon

6, Usually, the microphone has been enabled when you inserted headphone plug into the microphone port.

microphone default

If the microphone has not been enabled, please right-click Enable. The microphone becomes a default device.

microphone enable

If you want to make recording quality better, please go ahead.

7, Hit Levels tab and drag the sliders all the way to the right, until the volume is right for you.

microphone boost

8, Hit Enhancements tab and check the Disable all sound effects. All noise and echo are cancelled.

disable all sound effects

9, Select Advanced tab and check the Exclusive Mode. The recording quality would be better.

microphone exclusive mode

Now, you can test your microphone in Voice Recorder.

How to Test Microphone on Windows 10?

Voice Recorder is an application in Windows store. It’s used to record sounds, lectures, interviews and other events. Mark key moments as you record, edit or play them back.

1) Keyin Voice Recorder in Search Box and click the Voice Recorder on the top.

voice recorder

2) Go to voice recorder, hit Record. You can go test with your microphone.

voice recorder record

3) If recording is finished, please pull out the headphone plug from microphone port and insert the headphone port. Select the recording and Play. You can preview the recording.

voice recorder play

Please pay attention: In the computer, the microphone only makes recording does not play. If you want to both have and to chat with your friend in Skype, please add an audio splitter to connect computer and headphone by yourself. You can get it in computer device shop or Amazon.

audio splitter

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Using headphone as microphone is a common situation. You only make sure the devices volume is opened and make settings. You'll be able to solve it easily.

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