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How to Update NVIDIA Driver in Windows 10


nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti not working

Have you experienced the NVIDIA device such as NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti was not working with a yellow exclamation mark after you upgraded to Windows 10? It might be a NVIDIA driver issue.

In order to make the NVIDIA device running, you are best to download and update NVIDIA driver in Window 10/8/7/Vista.

Today, we will introduce you how to update NVIDIA driver in Window 10/8/7/Vista.

Windows OS Update NVIDIA Driver

1, Go to Device Manager.

2, Please expand on Display adapters and select NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti device. Right-click on Uninstall. The driver is unloaded.

nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti uninstall

Then scan for hardware changes.

3, Please right-click on Update Driver Software and Search automatically for updated driver software. The new driver will be installed.

nvidia geforce gtx 750 ti update

Please restart your computer accord to requirement. Then, you can check the driver at the time.

If the device stops working yet, please have a try to download and update the driver manually.

Manual Update NVIDIA Driver

Before you download the new driver, please check the below information at first.

4, Check the Windows system type of your computer.

Please press Win + X key and select the System option.

system options

You can learn which system type is your computer have.

windows system type

5, Check the driver model of your NVIDIA driver.

In the most of the case, you can get the driver model from the hardware device which is under the Display adapter.

nvidia driver model check

You can also get the driver model from hardware Properties.

Please select the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti from the Display adapter and right-click on Properties. Hit Driver tab. You can find the device details. It is including driver provider, driver date, driver version and the digital signer.

nvidia driver details

6, Go to NVIDIA official download center. Please choose the correct driver model from the drop-down lists one by one according to your requirement. Then SEARCH it.

This is Option 1 which is manually find drivers for your NVIDIA products.

nvidia driver web download

If you want to use automatically find drivers for your NVIDIA products, please select Option 2.

Option 2 for download nvidia driver

7, An executable file would be downloaded. You can save the file in any disk if you like. Double-click on it and install it following the instruction.

Please restart your computer accord to requirement. Then, checking the driver.

As we know, Nvidia Corporation is a global leader in graphics and digital media processor area. Its GeForce series is the most popular product. So there is an individual web to download the GeForce driver.

You can download the driver automatically or manually by yourself and you can auto-detect your GPU in here.

geforce website

Final Solution:

Automatic Update NVIDIA Driver

Because of the time and complexity involved in finding drivers, Driver Doctor (short for Driver DR) can help you to solve this problem as soon as possible. It is a kind of driver updating tool. Its proprietary One-Click Update technology not only ensures that you have correct driver versions for your hardware, but it also creates a backup of your current drivers before making any changes.

Driver Doctor can unlock the driver model for the NVIDIA device and download a right driver immediately. It’s very fast and convenient. It takes only three steps to solve all the drive problems for you.

1) Open Driver Doctor Software and click Scan Now . Scan for drivers that need to be updated.

2) The drivers have being detected. Click Get Drivers .

driver 2

3) Click Download All to download the updated drivers.

Finally, click Install. The drivers are installed and you can check your new driver.

NVIDIA Driver issue is complex in driver issue. If you want to solve it, one of the simplest ways is updated the NVIDIA Driver. We hope this article can help you.

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