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How to Increase Virtual Memory in Windows 10

When you run your computer, sometimes it will pops a window "Windows – Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low". And the details say Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. During this process, memory requests for some applications maybe denied.

Why this happened? After you upgrade Windows 7, 8 to Windows 10, the new system requires more minimum memory. So when you transmit data with the memory, the computer will use the virtual memory help to transmit data if your physical memory lack. So increasing Windows 10 virtual memory will extent alleviate the pressure of memory, of course this mitigation is limited.

How to Change Windows 10 Virtual Memory

Step 1: Open Computer Properties to Enter System.

Find "This PC" icon on desktop, and right click mouse, find the last item "Properties".

computer properties

Step 2: Enter Advanced System Settings.

In the system window, choose the last one option "Advanced system settings". And the other options you can enter the device manager to update drivers, remote settings to chat with other computers, etc.

advanced system settings

Step 3: Enter Performance Settings Panel.

Click the "Settings" button in advanced tab control to enter the performance. And from the performance explain you can see this item can set visual effects, processor scheduling, memory usage and virtual memory.

performance settings

Step 4: Find Virtual Memory Item.

After click settings button, you will see the performance panel. And click the "Advanced" tab control, then you will see the virtual memory in this tab control. Click "Change" button.

performance advanced tab control

Step 5: Change Virtual Memory Value.

In Virtual Memory window, cancel automatically manage paging file size for all drives.

cancel the automatically manage arrow

Choose the drive and click "Custom Size", then enter value in initial size and maximum size. And make sure the initial value and maximum value are the same; it will keep the stability of the system.

enter virtual memory value

If physical memory is 1G or 2G, you can set your virtual memory as 2 times. If the physical memory is 4G or 8G, you can set it as 1.5 times. Because when bigger your physical memory, the virtual memory you need is less, this can be save the Hard Drive space.

After you setup the size, click "OK" button, it will remind you to restart the computer.

restart computer to make sure virtual memory work

Click "OK" button to reboot the computer, then you will find you have already increased virtual memory for Windows 10 system.

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