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[Fixed] HDMI no sound in windows 10


I believe that many people have this question: After upgrading to windows 10, there is no sound output through your HDMI connected receiver. Today we tell you how to solve this problem.

HDMI is a kind of digital video / audio interface technology. It is a special digital interface for image transmission, which can transmit audio and video signals at the same time.

hdmi port

The problem occurs which may be due to hardware device issues or driver issues. So you can troubleshoot the problem in these ways.

Way 1: Set Default Device from Sound Icon

Step 1: Right-click the sound icon in the taskbar which locates at the bottom right of the screen and select Playback Devices.

playback devices

Step 2: Right-click the speakers as the default device and click Disable.


Step 3: Select NVIDIA Output option. Right-click Enable and the HDMI sound output will be set as default.


Way 2: Update Default Device from Device Manager

Step 1: Click on Search Windows under the left corner of screen and key in "device" or "device manager" words. You can find device manager on the top and click it.


Step 2: Enter the device manager, you select Sound, video and game controllers button and click it. NVIDIA High Definition Audio will be found and right-click Uninstall.


Step 3: Finally, click on Scan for hardware changes and the updated driver will be automatically installed. Your HDMI should be able to play sound normally.


You can also use the same way to update the Realtek, if your updated NVIDIA is useless.

Way 3: Download and Install the latest audio Driver

These two ways could help you.

1) Download and Install Audio Driver from Official website

The most of large software companies have official website of their own. Such as Microsoft, Dell etc. You can find the most of all drivers there. It will take your much time to do this. Because you need to search drivers from the official site of the Microsoft on network and download it. Then you install drivers to your PC step by step.

2) Download and Install Audio Driver from professional software

This is a faster and more professional way for you and it applies to Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista. It will save you much time to search for the matched drivers,wait the loading, install drivers by following the guideline step by step from the official website. "Driver Doctor" is an efficient and convenient tool for you. Only click three times you can download and install driver synchronously.

First, open Driver Doctor Software and click "Scan Now" button.


Second, click the "Get Drivers" button

driver 2

Third, click the "Download All" button

driver 3

Finally, click the "Install" button.

Summary: HDMI no sound in windows 10 is a common problem. You can have a try to solve it by above ways. Hope the instructions here can helps you resolve the problem.

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