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3 Ways to Enter Safe Mode in Windows 10


Computer safe mode is a special mode in system. In safe mode, users can resolve system errors and program errors easily. In Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can press "F8" to enter the safe mode when you reboot the computer. But after you upgrade the system to Windows 10, the "F8" cannot work. So how to enter safe mode in Windows 10 when you want to fix some system errors?

Way 1: Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode in Boot Options

Step 1: Input the command "msconfig" in the taskbar search box.

computer properties

Or you can use the "Win" + "R" and then type "msconfig" command.

run control type msconfig

Step 2: Choose the safe mode.

After entering the system configuration, locate the "Boot" control. And in boot options, enable safe boot.

enable safe mode

Step 3: Restart the computer.

restart to apply enter safe mode

Click "Restart" button, the computer will reboot and you can run your windows 10 in safe mode.

Tips: After you solved your problem, try to cancel the safe boot checkbox and then restart your computer. If you do not do this, You system will run in safe mode.

Way 2: Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode in Recovery Settings

1. You need to follow the next clicks: Windows > Setting > Update & Security to enter the update and security window.

2. Click the Recovery item and choose Start Now in Advanced startup, it will help you to reboot to enter the safe mode choice.

advanced startup

How to Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode from Startup

Sometimes, you cannot enter the Windows 10 because you forget or lose the password. You cannot set to enter the safe mode after Windows 10 system run. So you need to reboot to enter the safe mode.

Step 1: Reboot your computer until it comes to the login in screen.

Step 2: Click Shift + Restart combination to restart the computer.

startup login

Step 3: Choose Troubleshoot.


Of course, if you do not want to enter the safe mode this time, you can try to choose the first option Continue to run Windows 10 in normal mode or choose the third option Turn off your PC.

Step 4: Choose Advanced options.

advanced options

Step 5: Choose Startup Settings in Advanced options, and then click Restart button.

startup settings

Also, there are many other advanced options if you want to solve other problems.

Step 6: In startup settings, you can press 4 in your keyboard to enter safe mode.

startup number

Of course, you can choose other options such as 5) Enable Safe Mode with Networking and 6) Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Now you can enter the safe mode to solve the driver problem easily and fast.

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