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[Solved] Graphic Driver shows as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter After Upgrade to Windows 10

microsoft basic display adapter

After upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, the display adapter shows as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, instead of the Intel HD Graphic card. When you watch the video, the graphics quality is poor. And you cannot play some games because the FPS decreased a lot. There is another graphic driver error will affect the graphic quality and game experience: graphic card shows as video controller (VGA Compatible) on Windows 10.

Why this happened and how to fix it?

After upgrade to Windows 10, the windows update will automatically help to update all the devices drivers to the latest version to compatible with the new system. But for some devices, Windows may not be able to find the right driver after upgrade. In this case, you will find Microsoft Basic Display Adapter list in Display adapter tree.

The Windows Basic Display Adapter can meet the basic graphic requirements. But for the higher demand, you need to install the right driver for your device.

Way 1: Update Windows 10 Version

As is mentioned before, windows upgrade and update will update many program and software including drivers, so update windows version will be help fix the graphic driver error.

1) Type settings in search box and choose settings application in the results.

type settings in search box

2) Choose Update & Security.

choose update and security

3) Check for updates.

check for updates

If there is an update, Windows will download and install the updates automatically. After reboot your computer, you can check the device driver from device manager.

Way 2: Use Device Manager to Update Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Driver

1) Open device manager.

2) Expand Display Adapter and find Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

3) Right-click to choose Update Driver Software.

update microsoft basic display adapter driver

4) Choose the first option: search automatically for updated driver software.

search automatically update basic display driver

Windows will help to search the internet and find the available driver for your graphic card, and then install it for you.

After install finished, you will see the display adapter device changed. If you use Intel HD Graphic 4400, you will find the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter had already changed to Intel HD Graphic 4400.

Way 3: Automatically Update Graphic/Display Driver

To keep the issue fixed efficiently, you can use Driver Doctor to solve the graphic driver error. Try to use this software to help you scan your computer and find what graphic card model your computer installed.

1) Scan your computer.

After you installed and open this software, press the scan now button in the center, it will scan your computer device including the graphic card.

2) Click Get Drivers.

3) Download Drivers.

update intel hd graphic 4400

Here you can see the graphic card is Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400, so it is detected by Driver Doctor. The next thing is downloaded and updates it.

After the graphic card updated, you can see the really graphic card Intel HD Graphic Card 4400 come back again.

really graphic card come back

So I think these ways can help you to fix the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter shows as graphic card on Windows 10 error. Also, if you want to change the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter to Intel HD Graphic Card or NVIDIA graphic card, you can also use this way.

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