> > [Fixed] Laptops Boot to a Black Screen in Windows 10 Creators Update

[Fixed] Laptops Boot to a Black Screen in Windows 10 Creators Update

laptop boot to black screen after creators update

Many notebook users may encounter this situation, after installing the Windows 10 creators update, your laptop reboot to a black screen. Maybe you can see the cursor on the screen. After you force to shut down it by pressing the power button and reboot it, this black screen appeared again. Sometimes, when you wake up your Dell or HP laptop from sleep mode or open the lid, it enters the black screen.

This is a known issue about GeForce display card used in these laptops such as Dell Alienware 17 R4, Dell Precision M7710 and Dell Precision M6800. Of course, maybe there are other models having the similar problem.

And NVIDIA has already released a solution to solve this problem, you can download GeForce Hotfix driver and update it to solve the black screen problem.


If you can reboot to normal mode, you can do all the steps in it. But if you cannot enter the normal mode, try to enter the safe mode to do it.

1. Enter the Geforce Hotfix Driver download center.

geforce hotfix driver 381.78

Here we can see this hotfix driver is released to fix windows 10 creators update booting to a black screen error. And there is only certain notebooks having this issue.

2. Check your system version. On the desktop, right-click This PC and choose Properties to see your system version.

3. Download right driver.
For 64 bit, you can download Geforce Hotfix driver 381.78 Windows 10 64-bit version;
For 32 bit, you can download Geforce Hotfix driver 381.78 Windows 10 32-bit version.

4. After that, follow the installation guideline to install the driver. After that, reboot your computer.

Besides hotfix driver, you need to update the GeForce display driver. You can go to the official site to download the latest version of the driver and install GeForce driver manually.

Of course, you can use Driver Doctor to fix this black screen issue. It can help you to download and update GeForce driver and GeForce hotfix driver automatically.

download driver doctor

Driver Doctor will scan all devices and help identify the device manufacturer, compare driver version. After that, it will recommend you the latest drivers and download all these drivers for you.

After that, you can install it automatically. When finished installation, reboot your computer to make it work.

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