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[Fixed] USB External Hard Drive Not Recognized Windows 10, 8, 7

External hard drive is a large capacity data storage product. People use it to backup and transfer files, application, movies, songs, etc from and to the computer. Most of the external hard drive use USB cable and connect to computer via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port.

Sometimes, when you plug your external hard drive to computer USB port and want to transfer files from computer, but the hard drive cannot be detected by Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7. This is very annoying when we want to transfer files but cannot do it.

So how to fix the USB external hard drive not recognized problem will be necessary.

Check Removable External Hard Drive

First, I want to write something about the normal status if the USB external hard drive is detected by Windows.

You can press Win + R and type diskmgmt.msc in the Run box to open Disk Management application.

disk management command

In Disk Management window, if you find a removable disk, it means your USB hard drive is recognized by computer and it can show up on the computer.

disk management

In Disk Management window, you can format the disk and Partition the disk.

If you do not see any removable devices here, there are three mainly reasons: the USB port or cable is dead, the USB 3.0/2.0 external hard drive storage driver issue and your hard drive is damage.

Check the USB Port, USB Cable

If there is another computer nearby, try to connect the hard drive to another computer and test it. If it can show up on another computer, it means your USB hard drive and USB cable is ok. If there is also no reaction, maybe your hard drive is damage.

If your external hard drive USB port is USB 3.0 (blue port), try to connect it to the computer blue color USB port at first. If the computer cannot recognize it, plug out the USB cable and connect to the USB 2.0 port, it is a black color port. Do not use an USB hub because some external hard drive needs more power supply.

And if you suspect it is the USB port problem, try to view here to solve it: how to fix USB devices not recognized error.

Update Hard drive drivers and USB Controller Drivers

Press Win + R and type devmgmt.msc in Run Box to open device manager.

device manager command

Expand the Disk drives, and find the hard drive.

update usb hard drive driver

Right-click the hard drive and choose Update Driver Software to update the disk drive driver.

And also, update the USB controller drivers.

Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers, find if there is a USB controller driver had a yellow exclamation mark, try to right-click it and choose Update Driver Software to update the USB controller driver.

update usb controller driver

If there is no yellow exclamation for the USB devices, choose a device to uninstall it. Then repeat to uninstall all USB devices. After that, restart your computer.

Of course, some USB devices driver is hard to find, so you can use Driver Doctor to help you scan your computer and find the right driver. After you use Driver Doctor download and update the driver for the USB external drive, the computer will recognize the external drive.

download driver doctor

Disable USB Selective Suspend Settings

The USB selective suspend settings aims to save energy and protect environment. If you are using a laptop, this function will be more useful. So in the normal situation, it is enabled. So maybe you can try to disable this setting to have a try.

usb selective suspend settings

For the image steps, you can view this article: how to disable USB selective suspend settings. Only need 4 steps, you can finish to disable it.

So I think this article will let you know more about hard drive and can help to solve USB external hard drive out of work problem.

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