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How to Fix NVIDIA Installer Failed Error in Windows 10


nvidia installer failed

Many game users have experienced this situation more or less: NVIDIA installer failed when you upgraded to Window 10. It is probably caused by a conflict between previous NVIDIA installation and the new one.

Here we will introduce you how to fix NVIDIA installer failed in Windows 10.

There are three methods to fix it.

Method 1: Remove previous NVIDIA driver thoroughly

1, Go to Control Panel with Win + X key. You can find the Control Panel icon under the left corner of the screen and click it.

control panel

2, Please select the Programs and Features option. All programs and features of your computer are in it.

programs and features option

3, Please find the NVIDIA drivers in the list of programs and features, right-click on Uninstall/Change. The driver is unloaded. Catch the rest of NVIDIA drivers and remove them one by one.

programs and features icon

4, Delete below NVIDIA files in administrator if it existed:

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvdsp.inf file

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_lh file

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvoclock file

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\

C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\

5, Please download a new NVIDIA drivers from NVIDIA or GeForce website and install it.

6, when you are installing the new driver, please choose Custom option in NVIDIA Installer and then go Next.

nvidia installer custom

7, Please check Perform a clean installation in NVIDIA Installer and then go Next.

perform a clean installation

The NVIDIA driver should be installed.

Method 2: Turn off Antivirus Software or Windows Firewall Temporarily

As we know, some antivirus software or Windows firewall probably caused by NVIDIA installer failed. You are best to turn off the antivirus software or firewall temporarily before install the new driver.

1, Go to Task Manager with Win logo + X key and click on Task Manager option.

task manager win x

You can also press Win logo + R key to Run box and key in taskmgr to go to Task Manager.

run task manager

2, Please catch the antivirus software such as McAfee Security Scanner scheduler. Then hit End task under the bottom corner of the Task Manager window. The antivirus software is closed.

turn off antivirus software

3, You can also turn off the Windows Firewall of your computer.

Please go to Control Panel and pick out the Windows Firewall from the list of All Control Panel Items.

firewall control panel

4, Enter to Windows Firewall, please click Turn Windows Firewall on or off and go into Customize Settings.

turn on or off firewall

5, Please select the Turn off Windows Firewall in both of Private network settings and Public network settings. The Windows Firewall would be closed.

turn off firewall

6, Now you can have a try to install your new NVIDIA driver again.

Final Solution:

Driver Doctor (short for Driver DR) can help you to solve all driver issues as soon as possible. It is a kind of driver updating tool. Its proprietary One-Click Update technology not only ensures that you have correct driver versions for your hardware, but it also creates a backup of your current drivers before making any changes. It’s very fast and convenient. It takes only three steps to solve all the drive problems for you.

1) Open Driver Doctor Software and click Scan Now. Scan for drivers that need to be updated.

driver doctor

2) The drivers have being detected. Click Get Drivers .

3) Click Download All to download the updated drivers.

Finally, click Install. The right driver is installed and you can enjoy NVIDIA GeForce device.

NVIDIA installer failed error is a common issue when you install the NVIDIA driver. You are best to remove all previous NVIDIA drivers completely and reinstall the new drivers at first. We hope this article is useful for you.

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