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Fix No Sound Issue in Windows 10 or After Upgrade to Windows 10


How to solve no sound error after upgrade to Windows 10 pro version? Before upgrade, the computer sound is normal. To be upgrade to Windows 10, the sound was gone. Important common causes no sound for Windows 10 is the sound card drivers not compatible with new system and output devices improper settings. We can through the following methods to resolve this problem.

no sound in windows 10

Way 1: Update Audio Drivers

First, you can solve no sound problem with this way. Because you did nothing except for upgrade the system. And driver problem is the most common problem after upgrade system from Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to Windows 10.

There are many ways you can update your audio drivers. So choose your favorite way.

Automatically Update: Automatically Download and Update Audio Drivers for Windows 10

Manually Update: Manually Download and Update Audio Drivers for Windows 10

Windows Update: Use Microsoft Windows Automatically Update Tool

After update your audio drivers, you can check it from device manager. And if you do not know how to open device manager, you can click here to view the way.

Way 2: Audio Output Device Settings

If you had the compatible Windows 10 audio drivers, but cannot sound anything, try to check the audio output device settings.

Step 1: Right click the audio icon in the lower right corner of the task bar. And choose "PlayBack Devices" item.

playback devices

Step 2: Set default audio output device.

set speakers headpones as default

Normally, this will an automatically identify process. If you plug-in a headphone, it will be set as the default device automatically. But sometimes, you need to check it. If you find another devices set as the default output device such as the HDMI, modify it.

Tips: You can use this way when you using the USB audio device or the HDMI audio device.

Way 3: Turn off Audio Enhancements

Right click the default device and choose "Properties".

sound properties

After you enter the sound audio properties, switch to the "Enhancements" item and select the option "Disable all sound effects", and then click "OK".

After that, try to play a video or audio to check if the audio device works. If not, set another audio device as the default audio output device (if you have), and continue follow the same way.

disable all sound effects

Way 4: Choose Different Audio Formats

Choose the default device and right click it, choose the "Properties". Choose the "Advanced" item, and below the default format, try to set the different sample rate. And retest your audio device again.

try different audio formats

Way 5: Check Cables and Volume

1. Check your headphone and speaker connect line is looser or plugged into the wrong interface.
2. Check your power and volume levels, and try to adjust the volume. Some microphones have their own volume controls, so you may also adjust it.

speakers headphones volume

So follow the five ways, I think you will solve no sound error in Windows 10. If it does not solve your problem after you tried all the five ways, leave a feedback below. We will help you to solve it as soon as possible.

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