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Fix Mass Storage Controller Driver Issue Windows 10, 8, 7

mass storage controller driver error

When you upgrade to Windows 10, or runs the Windows 7 and Windows 8 system, the mass storage controller driver is missing, you need to solve this problem to keep the external devices such as card reader, hard drive working.

If it is USB mass storage devices you connect to the computer, and you find it is not detected by your computer, view this article: solve USB devices not recognized in Windows 10, 8, 7.

At first, you need to open device manager.

Then, Expand the Other devices tree, find the mass storage controller.

mass storage controller driver error

Right-click it and choose Update Driver Software to update this driver automatically by Windows.

update driver software

You can update the mass storage controller driver one by one manually.

Of course, many times, Windows will not help to find the driver on the Internet. In the Properties General tab, you will find the mass storage controller manufacturer shows as unknown. So you can do the next steps.

Right-click mass storage controller, select Properties. And then locate at the Details tab.

usb mass storage controller hardware id

In the Property drop-down menu, choose Hardware Ids. It will show the value about the mass storage controller value. Here is a USB mass storage controller hardware id value. It contains the vendor id and the hardware id.

And you can see this USB mass storage controller:
Vendor id: 2717
Device id: FF60

After you know the device hardware ids, you can use hardware id to download and update drivers.

Open PCI Data Base website.

The PCI Data Base is mainly helping you to find the device manufacturer by PCI vendor ID and Hardware id.

pci database

Put the vendor id and device id to the search box and find the manufacturer.

And then you can go to the manufacturer official download center to download it.

Of course, if you do not want to waste your time, and had more mass storage controllers need to solve, you can try to use Driver Doctor to help you fix the mass storage controller driver issue.

As a professional device scanner, Driver Doctor can help detect all devices for your computer. In detect process, it will compare the driver manufacturer, driver model, driver version and release date. After detect finish, you can update all the outdated and missing drivers for your computer including the mass storage controller driver.

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