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How to Fix KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED Error on Windows 10


fix kmode exception not handled error

There are many Blue Screen of Death errors such as driver power state failure, system_service_exception, video_dxgkrnl_fatal_error, etc. And here, after you upgraded your laptop or desktop from Windows 7, 8 to Windows 10, some people may meet this blue screen error: KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED.

You can solve this blue screen by next 4 solutions.

After the computer collected all the error information and restart the computer and cannot enter to the normal mode, you can enter the safe mode to doing all the things.

Solution 1: Reset Windows Power Settings

1.Enter Power Options.
You can type power options in Windows 10 search box, and then choose the right results from the list. Of course, you can enter the control panel and choose Power Options function to enter it.

power options

2. In power options windows, click Choose what the power buttons on from the left side.

choose what power buttons on

Here you can also create a power plan for yourself and change the sleep time for Windows 10.

3. In the top position, click Change settings that are currently unavailable.

enable change settings

If you do not do this at first, you cannot reset the shutdown settings. It shows as gray and cannot select anything.

4. In shutdown settings, uncheck the Turn on fast startup (recommended) option and then Save changes.

uncheck turn on fast startup

Reboot your computer to see if this problem solved or not.

Solution 2: Remove/Uninstall Problematic Programs

The problematic programs will be a reason to cause KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED error. You can identify it by the detail error .sys file. So try to remove or uninstall these programs.

You can right-click the Win icon and choose Programs and Features to enter the programs manage center.

Choose the problematic program or programs, right-click it to choose Uninstall/Change option or double-click it to uninstall it directly.

Solution 3: Uninstall Drivers and Update Drivers

Sometimes, maybe you will find the driver.sys and other sys file related to the devices drivers behind the KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED. So this may remind you to uninstall the problematic drivers or update it to solve the problem.

You can enter the device manager to uninstall it. Find the driver and right-click it to uninstall. Here is a tutorial about how to uninstall drivers if you do not know how to do it. Of course, if there are yellow exclamation devices such as unknown devices, uninstall it.

After that, restart your computer to see if this problem solved or not. If not, try to update the drivers. Sometimes, even if one driver not showing as yellow exclamation, it can also cause this Blue screen error.

You can download the driver from manufacturer’s download center and install it step by step manually. If you have less skill to find and install drivers by yourself, you can use Driver Doctor to help you. With Driver Doctor, you can download and install all the drivers automatically.

Solution 4: Close ELAN Service

If you use the laptop and you the screen occurs KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED (etd.sys) error, it may caused by the touchpad service. So you can disable the touchpad software to resolve this issue.

You can enter the safe mode from reboot, and in the reboot options, you need to choose the 5) Enable Safe Mode with Networking to enter the safe mode.

safe mode startup number

In safe mode, follow the next steps.

1. Type msconfig in search box to enter the System Configuration.

2. Find the Services tab, and select the Hide all Microsoft services.

hide all microsoft services

This will help you to find the Elan services easily.

3. Uncheck the Elan Service from the service list and click Apply.

If you find these solutions cannot help you, you can try to check Windows updates or use the system restore to back to previous version.

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