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Fix HID-Compliant Touch Screen Driver Issue After Upgrade to Windows 10


hid compliant touch screen driver issue

We know the touch screen will go haywire after being used for a long time. And someone will say my HID-compliant Touch Screen is no longer in my device manager now. So many people will disable HID-Compliant touch screen for their Dell, Lenovo and HP products in device manager to hide it and use the real keyboard and mouse. If you are using keyboard and mouse, you can fix the errors here: keyboard not working and mouse not working. But sometimes, after you upgrade to the windows 10, you find your laptop or tablet touch screen is not responding rather than go haywire. And you cannot find it, the driver is missing in device manager.

What is HID-Compliant Touch Screen?

HID is short for Human Interface Device. Normally it is an input and output USB-HID device in a computer. When you plug an USB-HID device in the USB port, the windows screen will pop up a message "A HID-compliant device has been recognized". A touch screen is also an input and output device.

For a computer, the touchscreen is a display screen and an input human device. If your laptop or touchsmart touch screen had a driver stop working issue, you can follow the next ways to solve it.

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Solution 1: Use Troubleshooting to fix the driver issue

In the course of using Windows 10, there will be some system errors or device errors. If these errors are not severe, you can try to fix it with Windows troubleshooting. So you can solve the HID-compliant touch screen not working error in this way.

1. Type troubleshoot in search box and you can find the best match result in the top, and click the Troubleshooting to enter it.


2. Click View All.
troubleshooting view all
And you will enter All Categories window.

3. Choose Hardware and devices.
hardware and devices
This will help you to find the device errors including the touchscreen device.

4. In hardware and devices window, make sure the advanced option is selected: Apply repairs automatically.

troubleshoot fix problem

5. After you click Next, it will detect the problem.
detect and fix problem
After that, it will tell you if your touchscreen device is missing or not working.
After detecting finished, you can click the Apply to fix.

apply this fix

Solution 2: Check Windows Update

The Windows update will help you download HID-compliant touch screen driver and other drivers one by one, and then reinstall them. This will help to remove the drivers conflict to solve touchscreen stop working issue.

1. Click the Win icon in the left bottom corner, and then click settings icon to enter windows settings.

settings icon

2. Choose Update & Security. This setting will let you set the windows update, recovery and backup.

windows settings

3. Check for updates.

check for updates

The updates will help to detect, download and update the latest version of drivers including HID-Compliant touch screen driver for Windows 10.

Solution 3: Download Touch Screen Driver and Update it

1. Open device manager.

2. Expand Human Interface Devices and find the HID-Compliant Touch Screen.

3. Right-click it and choose Update Driver Software to update HID-compliant touch screen.

update hid compliant touch screen driver

Of course, if you find this HID-compliant touch screen is disabled, you can enable it at first.

If you cannot find the touch screen devices, you can click View > Show hidden devices, this will help to list all the missing devices.

show hidden devices

you can fix it manually. Goes to the manufacturer’s site and download HID-compliant touch screen driver 32-bit or 64-bit then install it manually.

Final Solution:

Of course, you can use Driver Doctor to help you install and update HID-Compliant touch screen driver to solve this driver missing issue.

As a driver detective, DriverDR can scan your tablet and All-in-one PC device easily and fast. It will scan all devices in the device manager including the human interface devices and search if there are new drivers for these devices. After that, it will remind you to update drivers to the latest version. So try to download Driver Doctor to help solve the HID-compliant touchscreen driver issue now.

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