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video dxgkrnl fatal error

If your Lenovo, Dell, ASUS pc occur the Video_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR (error code 0x00000113) on windows 10 especially when waking up the computer from sleep mode or startup it, this is a bug that Microsoft DirectX graphic kernel subsystem detect a violation.

The main reason is the graphic driver error, so fix the graphic driver error will solve this problem perfectly.

1. Open device manager.

2. Expand Display adapters and find the display device such as Intel HD Graphic 4400. Of course, if you use NVIDIA card and AMD card, you can see the NVIDIA model and AMD model device.

3. Right-click it and choose Uninstall from context menu.

uninstall display driver

4. In the pop window, choose to Delete the driver software for this device.

delete intel hd graphic 4400

So if you use the NVIDIA graphic card or AMD graphic card, you can also use the same way to uninstall it.

After you uninstall the graphic driver, it will remind you to restart the computer.

At this time, the computer won’t have Video_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR again. But maybe you are using the basic graphic function. Because when you reboot the computer, Windows will automatically install the Intel graphic driver for you. We know, the drivers which Windows installed only contains basic functions to support device run properly. So if you want to use all of its functions, you need to install another version of the driver.

5. Go to the Intel, NVIDIA and AMD manufacturer’s website and find the right driver (32-bit or 64-bit) for your Windows 10 system type.

You can view the system type by this way: on the desktop, right-click This PC and choose Properties to see the system type.

system type

6. After you download the driver, you can double-click the executable file to install graphic driver manually.

Automatically Install and Update Graphic Driver

If you feel find the graphic driver and download it is a terrible thing, and you are not good at it, you can try to use a driver fixer tool to help you.

Driver Doctor is a professional graphic driver finder and downloader tool, it can help you find the right NVIDIA, AMD and Intel driver easily and fast. This will save your time to solve the 0x00000113 error. As a driver fixer tool, it can also help to solve the no sound, mouse not working and USB device not recognized errors etc.

download driver doctor

As an easily use tool, Driver Doctor can help you download and update drivers within 4 clicks.

After you run it on your computer, click Scan Now button, it will scan the all the devices and find the latest drivers, outdated drivers and missing drivers.

scan result

After click Get Drivers, you can download all the drivers by click Download All, or choose Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400 to only download the graphic driver.

update intel hd graphic 4400 driver

When graphic driver downloaded, click Install to install it. Remember, the installation process is automatically, you do not need to click it step by step. So you can wait until the graphic driver installed.

Set a Default Graphic Card

If you have an integrated graphic card (Intel) and discrete graphic card (NVIDIA), this may cause the VIDEO_DXGKRNL_ERROR on Windows 10. So set a default graphic adapter will be necessary. You can do it in the BIOS if you know how to do it. Of course, if the discrete graphic card is NVIDIA, you can set it as the default GPU with this article: how to customize Optimus profiles and settings.


So if your computer had the VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR on Windows 10, the best solution is to uninstall and reinstall graphic drivers. You can also try to check windows updates or restore the system to a previous version.

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