> > Fix Base System Device Drivers Not Found Error in Windows 10, 8, 7

Fix Base System Device Drivers Not Found Error in Windows 10, 8, 7

base system device driver not found

In other devices list, you will see different device errors such as unknown device, PCI serial port, video controller, coprocessor, base system devices, etc. This article is fixing the base system device missing error.

What is Base System Device?

The base system device can range from a motherboard chipset, network to a card reader. So sometimes you will find there is more than one yellow mark base system device under the other devices.

When you are installing the system for your ASUS, HP, Sony Vaio laptop or adding a new device to your computer, if the Windows cannot automatically install the driver for this device, maybe in the device manager you will see there is a new base system device driver not installed.

Install Base System Device with Device Manager

1. Open device manager.

2. Find the Base system device in other devices tree, and click Uninstall to uninstall the driver.

3. If there are several same items, uninstall one by one.

4. Click scan for hardware changes in the toolbar, windows will automatically update drivers.

5. If the error persists, right-click it and choose Update Driver Software to install the driver.

automatically update

Sometimes, windows will not be able to find every device driver. So go ahead to try other ways.

Use Hardware IDs to Update Base System Device Driver

1. Right-click Base system device and choose Properties on the options.


2. Locate Details tab, choose hardware ids from property drop-down list.

3. The vendor id and device id will be shown.

vendor id and device id

The 1180 means vendor id, and the E230 means device id.

After you know the hardware id for base system device, there are two ways you can do to download drivers for it.

Copy the value such as
use google search
And search it from Google to find the driver.

but here we teach you to find it from the pcidatabase website.

4. Open pcidatabase.com.

Enter the vendor id 1180 to the vendor search box and click search button.

vendor search

You will see the vendor name.

vendor name

Enter the device id to the device search, you will see the chip description.

device search
chip description

From here we can know the chip is Ricoh PCIE Memory Stick XOCT-KOHTPOL. So you can go to the Ricoh download center to download the driver and then install by yourself to solve the base system device missing error.

Automatically Update Base System Device Drivers

If find these drivers one by one are boring and cost a lot of time, you can use Driver Doctor to help you. Driver Doctor will scan your computer to detect all the devices drivers and help to download & update it automatically.

1. After you download and install it on your computer, run it by double click the desktop shortcut.

2. Click the Scan Now button to scan all missing base system devices drivers and you will see the results.

scan process

3. Click Download All button to download all drivers.

download process

4. Click Install button to install the drivers. These drivers will automatically be installed.

After these chipset drivers and card reader drivers are installed, you can check the device manager.

Wish this article can help you to solve the base system device missing error.

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