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Download and Update keyboard drivers in Windows 10


The keyboard is an input device which realize the communication between the human and the computer. If the keyboard wants to work well, it needs a compatible driver to support it. When you find your keyboard is not working, perhaps there is something wrong with the driver. Such as the driver has been outdated, incompatible or corrupted. The best way is to re-download and update keyboard driver on your PC.

There are three ways to help you to fix this problem in windows 10.

Solution 1: Update the keyboard drivers by windows

This is the most common way to update drivers. We take Windows 10 as an example.

Step 1: Click the "Search Windows" under the left corner of desktop and key in "device" or "device manager" words. You can find "device manager" on the top and click it.


Step 2: Enter the device manager, you can find "keyboard" button and click it. "HID keyboard device" will be found and click the right button of your mouse and click "update driver software…."

device 2

Step 3: You can see a tip "search automatically for updated driver software" and click it. A compatible driver will be found. The keyboard will be work.

device 3

Solution 2: Download and Install Keyboard Drivers by Official website

Most of the large software companies have official website of their own. Such as Microsoft, Dell etc. You can find most of the drivers there. Take Microsoft as an example, you input the keywords "Microsoft keyboard driver windows 10" in Google. You find the official website of Microsoft and click it. Then you can choose a compatible driver for your keyboard.

download driver by microsft download driver by microsft 2

Solution 3: Download and Install Keyboard Driver by professional software

This is a faster and more professional way for you. It will save you much time to find the matched driver, wait the loading, install the following guideline step by step from the official website. Only click three times you can download and updated driver synchronously.

As a highly effective tool of driver, Driver Doctor could help you do all things. It will help you to find, load and update your drivers of computer more easily and more quickly for Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

Following below steps to update.

First, open Driver Doctor Software and click "Scan Now" button.


Second, click the "Get Drivers" button

driver 2

Third, click the "Download All" button

driver 3

Finally, click the "Install" button.

Little tips:

It’s recommended to download and update keyboard drivers when you meet below situations:

Update your keyboard driver if the keyboard dose out of order.

Download the newest drivers if the drivers are corrupted because of the sudden power cut, viruses, or other computer problems.

Install the compatible drivers if you have installed a new Windows OS, such as Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista.

Download drivers if the computer doesn’t recognize your new keyboard device.

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