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2 Ways to Update Dell Drivers for Windows 10


Having a Dell laptop? Using Windows 10 with your Dell desktop? After upgrade to windows 10, some devices cannot work well. There is no sound on your laptop? The laptop keyboard cannot type? The mouse cannot work?

You should download and update Dell drivers for Windows 10. Because after you upgrade your Dell laptop to Windows 10, some of your dell devices drivers will not be compatible with Windows 10 version.

Even if all the devices work well, I still recommend you to update the Dell drivers after you upgrade Windows 7, 8, 8.1 to Windows 10. Whatever you using the Windows update way, manually way or automatically way.

Many Dell fans will use the next two ways. You can download and install the drivers manually or update dell drivers automatically.

Solution 1: Manually Update Dell Drivers for Windows 10

Step 1: Get into the Dell Download Center

You can try to use Google to search "dell windows 10 drivers" or "dell drivers download" or enter Dell official site to find this link:

Step 2: Choose the right product you use

Click the view products option, and then choose your product. Here I use the Dell Vostro 470, so I choose this model.

dell download center step by step choose dell vostro 470 model

Tips: You can also use the Dell System Detect. After you download this software, follow the on-screen instructions to install this software, and it will automatically help you detect your computer model.

Step 3: Choose "Find it Myself" drivers download way

step by step choose dell vostro 470 model

Step 4: Find Windows 10 Drivers

choose drivers for windows 10

This page will detect your system, now it shows my system is Windows 10, 64 bit. And from the Refine results, choose all to show all Dell Vostro 470 Windows 10 drivers or you can choose the single device such as bios driver, chipset driver, modem driver, mouse/keyboard/input devices drivers, etc.

Solution 5: Download Windows 10 Drivers for Dell Vostro 470

If you want to update the video driver, click video link and it will show as below:
dell vostro 470 video driver windows 10

You can download video driver by click the download link. And some drivers need to restart the computer such as the Nvidia Geforce GT700 Series Driver. If you want to download more drivers, click the button "Add to My Download List -#1".

So through 5 steps, you can manually update the Windows 10 drivers for Dell desktop. It will take some time, but it works.

Way 2: Automatically Update Dell Windows 10 Drivers

For some people, they do not want to get window 10 drivers so complex and maybe they think it is a little difficult. So automatically way will be another choice. Driver Doctor is the best choice for automatically way. It is a good Dell drivers help tool, it can automatically detect your system device driver version, and update them to the latest version.

download driver doctor

All of the process only takes you several minutes. It will help you find the outdated drivers, missing drivers and the incompatible drivers. So relative to the manually way, Driver Doctor can help you find driver problem more comprehensively, solve driver problem more efficiently.

download driver doctor

Follow the on-screen instructions to install it to your computer. Then there are only three steps you can update all Dell Drivers for Windows 10 system.

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