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How to Fix Coprocessor Driver Not Installed Error


coprocessor not installed correctly

After you upgrade your system from Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Windows 10, the coprocessor is not working. In device manager, the coprocessor or biometric coprocessor shows a yellow exclamation in other devices list, this means the coprocessor driver is missing or not installed correctly.

What is Coprocessor?

Coprocessor is a chip to help center processor complete some special tasks such as signal transmission between devices, equipment access management, etc. The difference between coprocessor and processor is that processor is a computer’s brain and coprocessor is a unique set of circuit. The main function of the Coprocessor is to optimize the system performance. So keeping coprocessor driver working properly will be useful for windows system.

Fix Coprocessor Driver Missing Error Step by Step

1. Open device manager.

2. Branch the Other devices tree, and find Coprocessor.

coprocessor not installed correctly

3. Right-click it and choose Uninstall to uninstall this driver.


In the confirm device uninstall window, click OK button to uninstall the coprocessor from your windows 10 system.

After the coprocessor uninstalled, the device manager will refresh, and you will find the coprocessor is deleted from other devices tree list.

4. Click Scan for hardware changes, Windows will automatically install the coprocessor drivers for windows 10.

This can help to solve part of processor driver not working error, but not all. For some processors, in device manager properties, Windows cannot detect the manufacturer, so there will be a little trouble with downloading from the manufacturer's website. You can only download it with hardware id.

coprocessor 28 code error

But sometimes, you can find some information from device status. Sometimes, if one device is not installed correctly, it will leave an error code in device manager. For this image, the coprocessor error, the manufacturer shows as unknown, and the code shows as 28, maybe you can solve it from here: fix code 28 error for coprocessor not installed issue. Here are some common error codes in device manager: error code 10, error code 12, error code 31, error code 32, error code 39, error code 43 and error code 50, etc.

Easily Way: Automatically Update Coprocessor Driver

Driver Doctor is a professional coprocessor driver installer. It can help you to fix coprocessor driver issue easily and fast.

1. Download and install Driver Doctor.

download now

2. Scan your computer devices.

Click Scan Now button, driver doctor will automatically scan your hardware device information including its manufacturer, its version, release date, hardware id and other information.

scan now button

If in device manager coprocessor properties, the device manufacturer cannot be shown, driver doctor can help you identify it.

3. Download Drivers.

Click Get Drivers button to enter the download drivers.

Click Download All button to download all the outdated and missing drivers.

4. Install Drivers.

After all drivers are downloaded, find coprocessor driver, and click Install button to install coprocessor driver for windows 10. If you could not find the coprocessor driver, find chipset driver, try to install and update the chipset driver. Of course, you can install all the drivers.

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