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How to Completely Uninstall/Remove Graphics Drivers in Windows 10

The most important piece of graphics hardware is the graphics card, which is the piece of equipment that renders out all images and sends them to a display. Graphics card connects to the computer motherboard. It can convert digital signals into analog signals and display all images on a monitor. Meanwhile, it can help CPU to improve the overall speed of operation.

Many users often complain that graphics card driver could not find compatible graphics hardware or graphics card driver installer failed when they are installing a new graphics card driver. It is probably caused by uninstalling the previous graphic card driver incompletely.

Today, we will let you know how to uninstall graphics drivers in Windows 10.

Remove NVIDIA Graphics Driver From Program

1, Key in control in Start box which is under the left corner of the screen. You can find the Control Panel icon on the top and click it.

control panel in search box

2, Please select the Programs and Features option. All programs and features of your computer are in it.

programs and features icon

3, Please catch the graphics driver which was you wanted in the list of Programs and Features. Right-click on Uninstall/Change. Here, we take the NVIDIA graphics driver for your information.

uninstall graphics card driver

4, After a few seconds, Remove NVIDIA Components dialog box will appear. Please select the Remove all NVIDIA drivers, including Display if you want to completely remove all components which are related to this driver. And then hit Remove. All NVIDIA components are deleted cleanly from your system.

nvidia graphics card remove

If the Remove NVIDIA Components dialog box is not appear, you can also delete below NVIDIA files manually in administrator if it existed:

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvdsp.inf file

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_lh file

C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nvoclock file

C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\

C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\

5, Restart your computer to completely uninstall the NVIDIA graphics driver.

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Completely Uninstall Graphics Driver in Settings

1, Press Win key and click Settings icon. Both of them are under the left corner of the screen. You can go into Settings.

settings option

2, Please click on System and choose the Apps and features option in the left menu. Then key in NVIDIA in Search this list box. You can catch all NVIDIA related programs. Please pick out the driver which was you wanted and hit Uninstall option. NVIDIA Graphics Driver will be unloaded.

uninstall graphics driver app features

3, Restart your computer to completely uninstall this driver.

Use Wagnard tools DDU to Completely Uninstall Graphics Driver

DDU full name is Display Driver Uninstaller. It is a professional uninstaller tool for Graphics Card by Wagnard and it is free paid for the users.

Wagnard tools DDU can uninstall the Graphics card driver cleanly. You can just use this tools to remove NVIDIA/AMD driver in Safe Mode.

Please follow below steps to operate:

1, You can download the DDU tools in DDU website. An application file will be downloaded and save it in your favorite disk.

ddu uninstaller download

2, Press Win + R key to go to Run box. Key msconfig into box and click OK. You can enter System Configuration.

run control type msconfig

2, In System Configuration, please select the Boot tab and check the Safe boot. And then click OK.

system configuration safe boot

3, You may need to restart your computer to apply these changes. Before restarting, save every open file and close all programs. Then click Restart.

restart to apply enter safe mode

4, In Safe Mode, please find the DDU application file and open it. You can see the right drop-down menus and select the graphics driver and language as per as your requirement. We take AMD graphics driver as an example. Then please see the left menus. We highly recommend Clean and restart option to you and click it.

ddu uninstaller amd

After a few seconds, AMD graphics driver will be successfully uninstalled.

amd driver uninstallation

4, The computer will be restarted automatically. You can reinstall a new graphics driver in normal mode by yourself.


Graphics card is an essential part of the computer. So it is a common situation that you want to completely uninstall and reinstall graphics card driver.

For driver uninstallation, Wagnard tools DDU could help you.

For driver installation, you can have a try to use Driver Doctor tools which is a kind of download and update driver tool. It’s very fast and convenient. If you want to fix any issue about the driver, please Download Now.

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