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[Solved] CD/DVD Drive is Missing From My Computer

After updating windows 10, sometimes, when we open the computer,we will find that the CD/DVD drive disappears inexplicably and it can't be used despite no physical damage. After entering device management, we will see the drive is signed by "!" and it can't be installed. So how to get drive back when we are in such situation?

cd dvd rom icon is missing

We can solve this problem by correcting the registry. There is one thing we should notice: before correction, we must back up registry in case of operatingmiss, leading to recovering with difficulty.

Use Registry Editor to Solve CD/DVD not Showing Up Problem

1. Type regedit at taskbar and then enter into regedit by pressing enter key.

open regedit

2. Find out HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi


3. Click right button in atapi, point to new item and name controller0.

new key named as controller0

4. Create DWORD(32bit)and name EnumDevice 1.

dword enumdevice-1

5. Set EnumDevice 1 Value as 1.

modify the value data

6. Restart Computer.

Because you have modified the registry editor, it will work after your restart your computer.

After you restart your computer, double click this PC on the desktop, and you will see the CD/DVD Drive is showing up.

dvd cd rom icon shows

And there is another way you can choose if you do not want to use the registry, because it is very complex. We know all of the devices for computer are managed by device manager. So you can first try to use the device manager to solve this problem.

Use Device Manager to Solve CD/DVD Drive Missing Problem

Step 1:Enter the device manager.

Step 2: Click the button "scan for hardware changes", and it will detect the computer hardware information and changes, and it will automatically install the drivers for cd/dvd rom. So after it installed, you will see it in device and drives item.

scan for hardware changes the dvd cd rom is shown in device manager

Also, you can try to use Driver Doctor to help you solve the CD/DVD Drive missing error. In this way,the problem can be solved easily.

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