> > Fix BSOD Error: Attempt to Reset the Display Driver and Recover from Timeout Failed

Fix BSOD Error: Attempt to Reset the Display Driver and Recover from Timeout Failed

attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed

If your PC suddenly turns to a blue screen while playing game, you have got a blue screen of death problem for your system. The BSOD error is: Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed. From the technical information, we can see the code information is atikmpag.sys, maybe is nvlddmkm.sys if you are using the NVIDIA card.

And you can solve this error by the next solutions.

Solution 1: Restart Computer

If this is the first time you’ve seen this BSOD error with your display driver, you can try to restart your computer. Of course, if this error appears again after you reboot the computer, you need to use other ways to solve it.

Solution 2: Uninstall Display Driver

If you installed a new graphic card and updated the driver for the graphic card, it can also cause this error. So uninstall the display driver.

1. Open device manager to manage all the devices.

2. Expand Display adapters and choose the graphic card, right-click it to select Uninstall from context menu. This will help to uninstall the display driver.

3. In the check uninstall window, choose Delete the driver software for this device.

4. In order to finish uninstall it, you need to restart computer.

Of course, you can use the display driver uninstaller to help uninstall the NVIDIA, AMD and Intel driver easily. View the related article about completely uninstall graphic driver in windows 10.

After uninstalling the driver, Windows will automatically help install a graphic driver for your computer. Sometimes, it will be the Microsoft basic display adapter. Because these drivers are installed by Microsoft, so it only keeps some basic graphic functions, it will influence its performance when you play games and view Blue-ray video.

Solution 3: Update Display Driver

An ideal solution is updating display driver to solve reset the display driver error. You can view the graphic card model from device manager, and enter the manufacturer’s website to download the 32-bit driver or 64-bit driver for Windows 10, 8, 7.

And then follow the steps guideline to install the graphic driver manually. After step by step clicks finished, you need to restart the computer to take new graphic driver effect.

If you do not want to download and update it manually, you can also use Driver Doctor to help you update the display driver. This software will help download the latest version of graphic driver and install it automatically.

update graphic driver

In download window, you can choose only download and update the graphic driver or download all drivers.

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Solution 4: Test the RAM and Disable Memory Options

The RAM issue can cause this error. So diagnose the RAM first to see if the RAM had a problem. You can use memtest86+ tool and view this tutorial about how to test and diagnose RAM issue.

And also, according to the blue screen remind, you can try to disable memory caching or shadowing options. You need enter the BIOS, and choose Cache memory from the Advanced tab to disable it.

If this cannot help you to solve the error, enter the BIOS again and set it back.

So you can solve the error attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed within above 4 ways. Of course, you can try to check updates for Windows, maybe this can help you.

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