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3 Ways to Open Control Panel on Windows 10

control panel

Control panel is Windows graphical users interface. It helps users to adjust your computer basic settings such as uninstall program, adjust color, change the accessibility options, set date and times, etc.

Option 1:

Type control panel in the search box which is in the left-bottom corner, near the windows icon. When you typing these words, the results will shows, and the best match one will on the top.

type control panel in search box

Choose the best match one, click it to open control panel.

Option 2:

Right-click Win icon and choose Control Panel to enter the control panel window.

win right click control panel

Option 3:

Find This PC in desktop and right-click it to choose the Properties from context menu.

this pc properties

In Properties window, click control panel home to enter control panel.

control panel home

Of course, in properties window, you can see the Windows edition, system, computer settings and windows activation information.

As a desktop application, you can add this settings icon on desktop like This PC. So if the next time you want to adjust something, you can directly click the icon to open it.

How to add Control Panel to Desktop?

On desktop, right-click mouse and choose Personalize.


In settings window, choose Themes settings and then click Desktop icon settings from the related settings.

desktop icon settings

Of course, here you can set the themes, advanced sound and mouse pointer.

In desktop icon settings, selected the control panel and then click OK. From here we can see you can also add the Computer, Recycle Bin, User’s Files and Network on desktop.

selected control panel

You can return to the desktop, you will see the control panel icon is on the desktop.

So you can choose any one way to open control panel to adjust the computer settings as you like.

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