Windows 10 Will be released at the end of July?

windows 10 released time rumors

What is the exactly time that Windows 10 released? Microsoft previously only vaguely said that this summer, May Microsoft hasn’t been decided, or don’t want to tell you, but Microsoft got himself, but can’t hold his teammates.

AMD CEO Lisa Su recently in the quarterly meeting said such a words: “we should also consider is that Windows 10 will be released at the end of July, and we are observing the effect on the back-to-school season market.”

Interestingly, AMD seems to be used to reveal the secret of Microsoft before, had questions about DX12 operating system support, for example, AMD is sold says it does not support Windows 7, then had to hurriedly rumors, the results confirmed that it was so happened – DX12 will be Windows 10 patents.

Now, AMD big boss to do so in such a formal occasion, credibility is very high, but it is still questionable, because we don’t know here are distributed to manufacturers of RTM release time, or the new system and the hardware overall time to market. The latter possibility is larger.

The spread of the argument is, Windows 10 RTM version release will be completed in June, comprehensive public in August. AMD’s statement was consistent with the basic and Microsoft seems to speed up again – the earliest said late summer or early autumn will be released.

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