Windows 10 preview version maturity timetable exposure

Recently, early three versions of Microsoft Win10 technology preview version of 9841, 9860 and 9879 have expired, Microsoft advice still use these versions users to upgrade to the latest version, such as the Win10 preview version 10041 and 10049. Because of these versions are beta version, so their life is not long. Microsoft announced on Microsoft Community has now released Windows 10 preview maturity schedule, you can see the latest version can be used on October 15.

windows 10 preview version released time

As you can see, the first three versions cannot be launched in April 30. The three versions released this year will be received expiring prompt on September 17th, officially expires time is on October 1, after half a month, October 15, which is these versions will not be able to use time.

According to the latest news, Windows 10 official version will be coming in 2015 July. This is undoubtedly one of the most important events for about 3000000 using the Win10 preview version users. Since last October 1, the first Win10 preview version release, to October 1 this year, the Win10 preview version runs totally a year’s time, the majority of online users are very active to upgrade to the latest version of Win10 in the first time. However, from the current arrangement of view, for only some time to upgrade user, from the official release to preview version, the final maturity is about 3 months, should be enough to arrange the system update.

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