Windows 10: Journalist called first concrete release date in summer

After we reported yesterday that Microsoft Windows 10 actually published in the summer, there is now a first suspected release date. According to the British journalist Tom Warret it could be July 29, 2015. That was at least been the plan that AMD has recently mentioned.

So slowly condense the information about the exact release of Windows 10. We had reported that Microsoft Windows 10 actually released for PC in the summer, now is the first concrete date in circulation. The British journalist Tom Warren to be the July 29, 2015. “Windows 10 release on 29 July? That was the plan from which AMD has spoken.” Said Warren via Twitter. “We’ll see if it comes so or not. Probably not.”

Sounds as if it were dealing with an interim appointment, compliance with Warren doubts. The rumor about a release in late July is certainly not new. Most recently AMD chief Lisa Su picked up the release date . You should have mentioned it in passing as part of a conference call on current financial figures.

Generally, it is unusual that Microsoft released an operating system in the summer. Although new versions of Windows last ever appeared in the fall, a summer release is now regarded as secured. Only the specific date is still pending. Appears Windows 10 actually already on 29 July, the operating system should now be almost ready.

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