Why skip Windows 9 and called Windows 10

After two generations ofthe system Windows 7 and Windows 8, just when everyone thought that Microsoft would follow all the way to sort of figure, but it ushered in an unexpected “surprise”: The next-generation system is not called Windows 9, but called Windows 10!


This is why it? Is it because so named to better reflect the innovations of the new system? Wrong! Legend of the reason is quite nonsensical.

One user on Reddit claiming to be Microsoft’s developers said that Microsoft had indeed intended to be a new system called Windows 9, but the test appeared an accident. The original, Windows 9 is short code in the system Windows 95 and Windows 98, so when the program see Windows 9 will recognize it as an old system, so Microsoft changed his name to Windows 10.

If so, the programmers are lazy, just to mere numbers, ruined the name of the new system.

In fact, similar problems occur on Windows history over several times, including Windows 2000, Windows 7, the latter’s internal code is Windows 6.1.

History lazy on the computer trouble caused more and more serious, the most famous is “millennium bug”, in addition to hard drive capacity limit again and again event.

However, Microsoft has not yet been give any official explanation for the name on the Windows 10, the above statement has yet to be verified.

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